Mozilla Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Complete List

In Mozilla Thunderbird, while working with your e-mails, you have been toggling between the mouse and keyboard frequently so far. The keyboard shortcuts are easy to use and helps to perform your operations faster. We have listed out the most useful keyboard shortcut keys for Thunderbird in different categories based on their function.

Like most other programs, even Thunderbird recognizes keyboard combinations with which you can take care of tasks often faster than you could with a mouse. This is especially interesting when you are composing new e-mails, since you can work without using the mouse.

You want usual short-cut keys for printing, copying, pasting, cutting, undo, and redo work. However, in addition to this there are other shortcut keys that help save time when managing the inbox. Instead of working one’s way through menus with the mouse a single press of the [N] or the [P] key, for instance, helps you go forward or backward to the next unread mail.

Likewise, you can call-up the new mails for the active account with the [F5] key. When composing e-mails, you can fnish off the usual formatting through the keyboard and execute tasks. This can even assist you in sending mails much faster. However, you need to continue using the mouse for file attachments.

Mozilla Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts


F8                 Toggle the message pane’s visibility
F2                 Rename current folder
F5                 Send + Receive
Ctrl+U           View current email’s source
Ctrl+M           Create blank email
Ctrl+N            (Also works)
Del                 Delete selected email
Ctrl+Q            Exit Thunderbird

Email Organization

J                         Mark selected email as "junk mail"
Shift+J                 Mark selected email as "not junk"
M                        Toggles the selected email’s "Read" status
Ctrl+Shift+C         Marks as "Read" all emails in current folder
G                        Group-sort your emails
i                          Toggles the selected email’s "Flag" status
1-5                       Assign a label to the selected email
0 (zero)                Un-label the selected email
*                          Expand all threads
/                          Collapse all threads
Ctrl+A                  Select all emails in folder
Ctrl+Shift+A          Select all emails in thread

Email Reading

Ctrl++               Increase email text size
Ctrl+-                Decrease email text size
Ctrl+0 (zero)      Normal email text size
F                      Next email (tip: F as in Forward)
B                      Previous email (tip: B as in backward)
N                      Next unread email (tip: N as in Next)
P                      Previous unread email (tip: P as in Previous)
T                      Next unread thread
Ctrl+O              Open current email
Ctrl+P               Print current email

Email Message

Ctrl+R                  Reply to email
Ctrl+Shift+R         Reply to all recipients
Ctrl+L                  Forward email
Ctrl+Enter            Send an email immediately
Ctrl+Shift+Enter    Send an email later

Email Formatting

Ctrl+B       Bold
Ctrl+U      Underlined
Ctrl+I        Italic
Ctrl+L       Insert Link
Ctrl+A      Select All
Ctrl+X      Cut selected text
Ctrl+C      Copy selected text
Ctrl+V      Paste
Ctrl+K      Check spelling

Find & Search

Ctrl+F             Find text in current email
Ctrl+G            Find again (find next)
Ctrl+Shift+G    Find previous
Ctrl+Shift+F    Search messages

Address Book

Ctrl+2            Show Address Book (when in email side of Thunderbird)
Ctrl+1            Show Thunderbird (when in Address Book)
Ctrl+N            New Address Book Card
Ctrl+I             Opens current contact’s properties
Ctrl+Shift+F    Find a contact in address book

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