Best VoIP Services And Its Advantages

VoIP stands for ‘Voice over IP’. It is a means of communication where your voice is transmitted over the Internet. It is just like an ordinary telephone or mobile phone except that the channel of communication is your Internet connection rather than the telephone line. There are many VoIP providers today and this technology is becoming more and more popular.

The main advantage of using VoIP is that it is cheaper when compared to conventional telephony. Using VoIP, it is possible to make long-distance calls for very cheap prices. Many VoIP providers also offer unlimited accounts, which means you can use VoIP to make calls without any restrictions at all. Because of these advantages, VoIP is very popular with large companies and organizations. In fact, most large companies use VoIP as their primary means of communication between employees.

Another advantage of VoIP is that unlike conventional telephone systems, it is not restricted to voice alone. You can also transfer text and files using most VoIP applications. Thus, it is more interactive and advantageous. This is what makes it very popular in larger companies and organizations.

There are several VoIP companies available today. Each of these has different features and is priced differently. Even though, the services are fundamentally the same, they have differences and so it is better to research a little before choosing a particular VoIP company. Here are some of the major players in the VoIP market:

Best VoIP Services


Skype is perhaps the most well-known VoIP application available today as is evident from its several hundred million strong user base. Recently, it was acquired by Microsoft. Skype is advantageous for a number of reasons. It allows you to make calls to other computers free of cost. At the same time, the prices for making calls to land lines and mobiles are also very cheap. Skype also has an edge when it comes to the quality of voice.

Yahoo Voice

Yahoo Voice is another major player in the VoIP market. Yahoo has been the pioneer in various Internet-based technologies. Yahoo Messenger was at one time the most popular chat software. Yahoo Voice represents Yahoo’s entry into the emerging VoIP market. Yahoo Voice offers cheap prices and excellent service.

Google Voice

Google Voice is Google’s offering in the VoIP segment. It boasts high quality of voice and low prices. Using Google Voice, you can make calls to other computers for free. The software is also very intuitive and easy-to-use. Google voice is definitely one of the best VoIP software available today.

There are also several other VoIP companies. You can find more about these companies by searching in Google or direct download websites. However, it is a good idea to research thoroughly before paying for the software. Read user reviews and ascertain that the software and services are worth the money that you’re paying.

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