Best Free Alternatives To Spotify

Spotify is a free online music streaming service which is available in some countries only which include, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, France and Spain.  Check out, How to use Spotify  in every country without invite code.

If you are from any other country, you would be looking for some good Spotify alternatives. We have compiled some of the best free alternatives to Spotify which would fulfill your wish you use Spotify like services.


Deezer is a France based online music streaming service like Spotify. It not only lets you listen to music but also lets you discover other performers or bands. The user interface of Deezer is not so user friendly, but it allows you to find the genre that interests us, then the artist and then create a Smart Radio with a list of music that you want to hear. Soon, this Spotify like service is planning to offer unlimited space for the users to add their own songs.


With a bit confusing but manageble user interface, Dizzler might prove to be the Spotify like service that you were looking for. The best part about Dizzler is the fact that offers you with number of functions like watch videos and find lyrics in addition to online music streaming. It also offers you with a desktop player, mobile app and also lets you embed its player on your blog.


Surely many will know this old sea dog online streaming. Recently he has had several upgrades, which includes a VIP version of U $3 every month that adds extra features and skins. Its standard version (free version) is as good as its VIP versions. This Spotify like service lets you hear your favorite music in seconds without consuming your efforts.


ListenGo is basically focused on becoming a musical network which is not much popular. This Spotify alternative allows you to find and listen to streaming music. Unlike other similar online music streaming services, it lets you embed a player on our blog.


Mecanto lets you transfer the music goes directly from the PC and listen at work and even on our mobile, it includes an application to install on the phone. Once transferred the entire library is no need to remain switched on the computer of origin. Mecanto offers you with a best way to carry your music.


Once again we have a service capable of playing music while doing random actions on the interface, or keep adding songs to our playlist. Yes, we are taking about a service more like Spotify. Mixtape lets you add friends to form a true musical network, and share playlists or songs with other users. The good thing is that we can add our own songs to the list by adding its URL.


It is clear that many of these free online music streaming services are hidden behind YouTube to present its content and boasts Mufin just do naturally. This free alternative to Spotify allows you to generate playlists of videos, and you can choose to view them or not as we navigate the available material.  The drawback about this service is that it lets you search while listening to music, something that obviously should be corrected to be at the height of the other Spotify like services. The interesting thing is that Mufin also allows service desk lead by Mufin Player, which allow you to discuss the music, discover new artists or bands. The feature which impressed me the most was its Audio ID, which searches a database of MP3 data to correct the title and artist, among other things.


Here is the alleged American free alternative to Spotify, which is quite different when it comes to the basis of operation. Unlike other free online music streaming services, Muziic is an application that we install on your computer and which would let you listen to the music online from the comfort of your desktop.


This free alternative to Spotify is very much similar to Last.FM, although in this case it is absolutely free. All we have to do is place the artist that we like to automatically generate a radio station with songs and performers of the similar artist. Clear that its role is to network, so that it finds people with similar music taste to add as friends. The feature which you would love the most is its ability to play music according to your mood.


Spool.FM is a worthy free alternative to Spotify. This application lets you listen to music without any registration. What is really amazing is the feature which allows you to generate lists of songs “on the fly” while listening to music, drag what we like to our playlist and even add friends to form our own private social network of music.


One of the specialties of StreamDrag is that unlike other Spotify like services, this free Spotify alternative seeks not only music but also online videos like YouTube. And this gives us an added value but we must also note that the list of music available on the service is not very extensive, due to copyright restrictions.  The application is very good and can generate playlists with songs that we like, while watching a video on background.

Regardless the reason behind your search for Spotify like free online music streaming services, this list of best free alternatives to Spotify would prove to be some help to your hunt.

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