9 Best Free Alternatives To Megaupload

Megaupload has shutdown and I am sure that there are number of people looking for Megaupload alternatives. There must be a pretty huge group of people looking for some respite as they have paid for their Megaupload premium accounts. And there isn’t much I can do for that bunch of people in terms of payback.

But if you are looking for services similar to Megaupload, where you can host your files (legally and free), then here are few of the alternatives to Megaupload. And the fact that, all the below file hosting services are totally legal makes your file hosting thing free from any certainty of loosing your data.

9 Best Alternatives To Megaupload


Offers 10Gb of free space, there is no file transfer limit and the same expire in 180 days. It offers file manager and does not allow simultaneous downloads. One of my favorite services.


Offers a capacity of 2 to 8GB, the transfer limit is 10GB a day, the files expire after 90 days of your last download. It offers file manager and lets you download files simultaneously.


Offers unlimited capacity, the transfer limit is variable and the 30 days is the expiry limit of the files. It allows simultaneous downloads, and includes file manager.


With a limit of 500 GB, you can keep your files for 90 days on Filserve. And it also offers you with nifty tools like file manager and FTP client. Unlike Dropbox, it does not allow simultaneous downloads.


Its 500GB capacity offers you with free transfer limit of 150MB per hour and the 90 days is the expiry of the files. Basically this is what is offered for free (and it is little).


Offers capacities ranging between 300MB and 2GB, 10 GB. Maximum file transfer is defined in terms of hours which is every 8 hours. And files expire between 20 and 45 days. It allows simultaneous downloads and the file manager is only for registered members.


It offers unlimited capacity to the users, and hosts files with an expiry of 90 days. It also provides file manager and FTP client. It does not allow simultaneous downloads.


Offers unlimited capacity with transfer limit of 200MB. It allows simultaneous downloads and includes a file manager.


With 2GB of capacity, it provides no limit transfer, and the files expire after 30 days. It does not allow simultaneous downloads and neither it comes with any FTP client or file manager.

If these services do not impress you, then the fact that using a legal file hosting service will let you host your files peacefully without any heebie-jeebies.

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January 25, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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