6 Best Free Spotify Plugins / Add-ons / Apps

Spotify is one most popular online music streaming services. There are number of factors which make Spotify a better service to try. Now, there are number of free Spotify plugins / add-ons / apps available on Internet which would make this online music streaming service a far more better thing to try.

These Spotify plugins / add-ons / app makes Spotify more fun more by letting you see lyrics while listening to songs, check out the details of the song being played, offering you with hotkeys for actions like pause, play, next, previous and many more.


Here are 6 best  freeSpotify Plugins / add-ons / app:


Lyrify is the best Spotify plugin for the users looking for an easier way to get the lyrics of the songs being played. This Spotify app will automatically search and fine the lyrics and will display them on another window. but it is compatible with Windows OS only. If you are looking for a similar add on on Mac, you should try LYRICSPOT.


This is an interesting Spotify add-on as it lets you display the current Spotify song as your status on Skype. Its just like letting the world know what you are listening to. This plugin for Spotify integrates well with Skype. It is compatible on Windows only.


SpotifyDJ is an interesting Spotify plugin which required Adobe AIR. This app lets you broadcast your live DJ sessions to other users on Windows and Mac. If you are into DJ-ing, I bet you would love this add-on as its worth trying. It is compatible on Mac and Windows OS.


This little Spotify app can prove to be very handy as it lets you control Spotify using your mobile phone. Isn’t it interesting? This plugin deserves a chance if were looking for a way to control Spotify remotely.


Spotify Tweaks is the best Spotify plugin available on Internet which is a one stop solution for your need of Spotify add-ons like Lyric Search to search and find lyrics on Spotify, Spotify RSS to find latest happenings on Spotify, Advanced Spotify Search to do custom search for albums, artists, songs and there are many more functionalities that this all in one Spotify plugin would offer.


Toastify is the another Spotify plugin available on Internet which completes it with respect to functionality. This add-on is compatible on Windows which lets you use shortcuts / hotkeys for Spotify actions like Play, Pause, Previous, Next.

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January 17, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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