5 Best Websites For Free Tattoo Designs

You like tattoos? Oh yeah, absolutely yes. That is the reason you have stumbled on to this post. If you are baffled about the tattoo that you want to get, then this post would prove to be an useful one.

I have compiled a list of few good websites for tattoo designs. Just browse around these web sites, and you can surely end up with a tattoo design that you would love to get it on.

You can get number of patterns that would impress you. But all you need is an idea to streamline your search as it would help you end up with few of the designs among thousands present on each of the below mentioned websites.

5 Best Websites For Free Tattoo Designs

Chopper Tattoo

What makes this tattoo design web site special? Well, you would be thrilled to know that it features thousands of award winning tattoos. It implies, you would find only good stuff here.

Free Tattoo Designs

As the name suggests, you can find number of free tattoo designs here. With a clear idea in your mind, you can find number of patterns and designs that you thrill you.

Flash And Furious

This is a French based website but it should not stop you from checking it out. There are over 2500 + free tattoo designs waiting for you here. With its easy to use interface, the foreign language will not cause you any problem.

Old Timer Tattoo

If you want to get inked with something from 60’s or 70’s, then this is the web site you are looking for. You can find best of the designs back from the world that existing 3o years before.


It is a actually a social network for tattoo lovers where you can find quotes, designs, ideas, and some useful information if you are planning to get a tattoo. You will find, tattoo artists, tattoo lovers and people who already got tattoos here, which makes it a great place to get information related to tattoos.

Tattoo 3 Designs

You can find all sort of free tattoo designs here. Its variety varies from tribal to Chinese, Dragon style tattoos to Butterfly ones. It is one huge tattoo database.

Tattoo Art

This is one of the oldest websites among any of the website featuring tattoo designs. And this surely makes it a must try one. See if you find anything for yourself here.

Tattoo Design

Here, people have uploaded the real life tattoos. And this would help you make an idea about the fact how any particular tattoo would look on you.

Tattoo Tribes

This is an interesting website if you are looking for a free tattoo designs. You can not only find some interesting designs for yourself, but you can use its Virtualizer to see how that tattoo would look on you.

Tribal Shapes

Tattoos have actually started from few particular tribes in the ancient times. And that is the reason, Tribal designs is one of the most popular tattoo genres. With some incredible gold from the ancient times, you can find number of shapes and designs that you would love to get inked.

This is something a friend of mine told about tattoos, “Getting a pattern or quote inked on your body permanently implies that you are ready to tell the world that you believe in.”

It is not just about looking good, tattoo is more about showing the world what you believe in. So spend your time, do some research and get a tattoo IF and ONLY you believe in it, it speaks about you and something that you can carry to your grave.

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January 11, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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