5 Best Free Cloud Based Antivirus

Cloud computing is the latest and biggest bubble in the computer world. And soon, we would be seeing much development in the cloud computing and more & more cloud technology based products and services would hit the market.

We have number of cloud based services available which are super hit and already ruling the computer world which include Dropbox, Flickr, Google Docs and many more.

In this post, we would be compiling a list of 5 best free Cloud based antivirus services. There are many reasons which support my opinion of Cloud antivirus programs are far more brilliant than the conventional ones.

The fact that the algorithms of virus change rapidly, having a cloud based antivirus program on your computer would prove to be more beneficial than any other conventional anti virus program that you have been using since ages.

5 Best Free Cloud Based Antivirus

Comodo Cloud Scanner

I wont be mistaken if I label it a well known cloud based antivirus program existing since quite some time. It protects your computer from malware, virus and other stuff which are harmful to your computer. Its real time connection with its online database ensures that your computer is safe from every latest virus available.


The developers have labelled it as fast, free and light layer of virus detection. Its tool, Collective Immunity gathers the information about the latest virus algorithms to ensure that your computer is safe for oldest as well as latest virus threats.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda is one of the oldest and the most popular names among the cloud based antivirus services. Once you install this free antivirus program on your computer, it installs its own cache which is used by it to detect the virus from its remote knowledge base. And this is the reason why it is faster and smoother than conventional antivirus programs.

Threat Fire

Threat Fire offers you with all the basic features that every cloud based antivirus program has to offer. Its Smart Update component connects it to its database of virus algorithms. Few of its features include sensitivity level adjust, scan scheduler, list manager.

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December 6, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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