5 Best Free Alternatives To Camtasia | Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software |

Camtasia by Techsmith, which is undoubtedly one of the best screen recording software on Internet. And if you are looking for free alternatives to Camtasia, then we have a 5 such screen recording software which are free and very good with their functionality.

Regardless the reasons to have free screen recording software on your computer, you would surely love using these alternatives to Camtasia.

Here are the 5 best free alternatives to Camtasia, screen recording software:

This free screen recording software lets you record your screen activities and lets you save these videos clips in AVI video format. And this alternative to Camtasia also lets you convert those recorded videos into SWF format.

Jing is not just a screen recording software as in addition to capturing all your screen activities, it also lets you capture screenshots of your display screen,  and share them instantly on Internet which makes it a multi purpose alternative to Camtasia.

Wink is actually more than a screen recording software. This is a best tool if you are looking for a tutorial or presentation creation software. In addition to recording videos, this program also lets you add comment boxes, buttons and other elements which makes your video more detailed and explanatory.

This alternative to Camtasia is very popular among the users as it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. This screen recording software lets you share the captured videos and stream them on Web in Flash.

This is a powerful alternative to Camtasia as it only lets you record you screen activities, it also records the sound from your system microphone. This free screen recording program lets you save videos in AVI format.

If you are addicted to Camtasia and love using it, then the fact that it is a paid version would definitely hurt you. So, these 5 best free alternatives to Camtasia are very much capable of acting as your free screen recording software which lets you capture your screen activities with so much of ease.


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