4 Best Websites To Compare Price Online In India

Two or three years down the line, I do not really know if someone preferred to buy things online. But times have changed greatly, because of increased Internet awareness and improvement in online security. And the increase in online shoppers is one of the good things which have happened to India in the recent times.

Personally, I prefer buying things on Internet because of number of reasons such as, accessibility to variety of brands and designs, availability of discount coupons, do need to sweat as you can visit N number of stores sitting at your home and many more.

So, when you are buying something on Internet, you tend to check it out in all your favorite online stores to find the best deal. Yes, its better than checking  out different stores in the mall or any market, but it is still time consuming. How about using a website to compare price online?

There are number of free services available on Internet which help you comparing prices of things so that you can get the best deal. Its like you visit the website, tell them what you want to buy and within few seconds it would list out the its prices on different online shopping websites or vendors. Yes, its as  simple as it sounds.

4 Best Websites To Compare Price Online In India

Best Websites To Compare Price Online In India


It covers a wide range of products, but is mainly known for its mobile phones’ results. With time, its database would surely grow wide and deep. Currently, if you are looking for a good deal to buy smartphone online, then check this price compare tool.


This was first started as the books’ price comparison web service, which later got turned into multiple products’ price comparison. I have used it for books and can assure you that it would help you find the best deal for any book you wish to try. Check it out!


Its an Amazon powered online store which is definitely one of the fastest growing web service in India. Instead of treating this as a online price compare help, you can use it as an online store. Since its linked up with number of vendors, you will find a HUGE range of products available here. Taking a decision becomes a problem here as you will find huge number of products that you would want to have.

Compare Raja

This is one of my favorite price comparing stops. The fact that its in the market since quite a while, you will find it helpful in wide range of products. In addition to the price details, you can also make use of their discount coupons which makes the whole deal more sweet.

With dozens of startups coming every year, you will definitely find number of above mentioned like web services, but I have listed the best ones. No matter what you are looking for online stores, the above mentioned websites will help you find the best deal.

Happy Shopping!

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February 19, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra


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