4 Best Free Automatic Spotify Playlist Generator

It is not always necessary that you need to create your own Spotify playlists. There are number of websites available on Internet which are basically automatic Spotify Playlist Generator. So based on the band or artist name you like, these services provide you with the playlists automatically.

It is not always that this is the logic behind generating Spotify playlists automatically, many services work on different logic. I hope that you would like the list compiled by us.

4 Best Free Automatic Spotify Playlist Generator


This service works on a logic where it gets you the playlist based on its popular category or Obscure category of any particular artist and band entered by you. And the maximum number of tracks you can get in one playlist is 25.


This is one of the most sophisticated services where you get to generate playlists just by mentioning the name of the artist. Or, you can enter you Last.fm ID, from where it would extract the required information and then offer you with the playlists. And the maximum number of tracks it lets you choose in one playlist is 50.


This is one of the most interesting services listed in this post. Here, you wont be getting a complete automatically generated Spotify Playlists. In fact, you get to explore new music, artists and bands based on the ones you listen, and then you can create mixtape playlists for Spotify yourself.


This is not exactly an automatic Spotify Playlist generator. But the fact that you directly get to download and use playlists makes us to list this service too. Here, you get to find the top 40 Spotify Playlists which are auto updated every day. And yes, it is completely free.

I am sure that there many more services available which could cater to your needs and could be labelled as automatic Spotify Playlist Generator. If you use any, please comment and share with us.

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July 28, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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