3 Free Alternatives To Angry Birds For Windows And Mac

Angry Birds is one of the most influential, loved and popular game on the planet earth and there is no doubt about this fact. Yet, if you are looking for some free alternatives to Angry Birds for Windows and Mac, then I have some good news.

There have been similar games available even before Angry Birds happened, but that fact that Angry Birds is available for mobile platforms like Android, iOS and its vigorous publicizing strategy made it bigger.

I am not saying that we have bigger or better games than Angry Birds available, but it is just that if you looking for games similar to Angry Birds for Windows and Mac, then there are few good ones available that you need to check out.

3 Free Alternatives To Angry Birds For Windows And Mac


Crush The Castle 2 is an improved version of Crush The Castle. This is a game for Windows and Mac, which is similar to Angry Birds. Here you need to destroy the castle, kill the king, queen and their soldiers to win it. This game features very good mix of basic Physics and gaming factors.


This alternative to Angry Birds is a good to one to pass time. It is very much similar to Crush The Castle 2, and as the name suggests, you control a Siege using which you need to destroy the enemy.


I should rather label it as alternative to Siege Master instead of Angry Birds alternative. It is similar to Siege Master in many aspects whether it would be graphics of game play.

Instead of the above mentioned games, you can simply Google free flash alternatives to Angry Birds. There are hundreds of free flash gaming services offering Angry Birds like games.

Like every hit product influences the market, the successful Angry Birds has also resulted into number of Angry Bird alternatives for Windows and Mac.

Happy Gaming!

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January 31, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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