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As an avid Facebook and Twitter user, I always wondered about ways to sync your Facebook account with your Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful social networking services. Here are the three best ways to sync your Facebook account with your Twitter account which actually posts your tweets directly to your Facebook account.


Here are the apps ( alphabetical order ) which would let you sync your Facebook account with Twitter:


I won’t be surprised if someone tells me that using Selective Tweets their favourite way to sync their Facebook account with Twitter as it is mine too. Using this service is so very easy. Whenever you tweet starting with #fb, the same tweet is updated to your Facebook profile also as your Facebook update.


Here is the service which offers you with more customization in the options when it comes to synchronizing your Facebook account with Twitter. It updates your tweets as your Facebook updates whenever your they are not #s, @s or retweets. And you even change the settings of the filter.


This is an official Twitter app on Facebook which actually brings all your Twitter updates as your Facebook status updates automatically once you get it configured.

These were the 3 best and easiest ways to sync your Facebook account with Twitter.

Happy tweeting and facebooking !

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December 8, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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