3 Best Ways To Backup Facebook Photos And Data

Nothing is permanent in this cyber age. And Facebook is nothing different from any of these perishable things we have been talking about. So imagine you wake up one day and find that Facebook has been discontinued, then what about all your photos, videos and other Facebook data.

Yes, we are talking about easy ways to backup Facebook photos and data. Using these ways you can easily backup Facebook data. With the increasing popularity of Facebook, it is quite right to say that this social network has become a vital part of your lives.

And having your Facebook data backed up is not at all a bad thought. So check out the below methods, and see if any one work outs for you.

3 Best Ways To Backup Facebook Photos And Data

ArchiveFacebook – Backup Facebook Data To Hard Disk

ArchiveFacebook is a actually Firefox addon which archives your Facebook data to your hard disk. One thing which would annoy you is its speed. But that fact that it is downloading all your Facebook data to your hard disk is the sole reason why it takes time. Personally, I like this service because it lets you have all that you want on your local hard disk.

Backupify – On To The Cloud

When it comes to taking easy backups online on the cloud, there is no better service than Backupify. This free online backup service lets you backup your Facebook data, Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs, and many other online services’ data.

facePad – Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Facebook photos is basically what most of us want to take a backup than any other data. So how about a Firefox addon which is actually a Facebook Photo album downloader. This addon lets you download any Facebook album on the site, whether it would be yours or your friends.

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October 18, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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