3 Best Free Online FTP Clients

FTP clients are a great means to manage files on your server. And to meet this need, you would either need the web based FTP clients or the desktop ones. But Online FTP Clients are a great means to tweak files right from your Internet Browser.


3 Best Online FTP Clients


If you are looking for an online FTP client which would please your eyes, then FTPLive is not for you. But its worth trying as it offers you with number of interesting features like  syntax-highlighting code editor.


As the name suggests, this online FTP client lets requires Java environment to run. Its user interface is very amazing as it lets you view your files on your computer and server side by side, making the whole task of managing files on your server an easy task.


Once you login to this online FTP client you might not find it special but once you start using it, you would spellbound by its speed, and the fact that it is user friendly. Many users rate it above FileZilla when it comes to the file transfer speed, and this shows its competency.

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February 14, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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