3 Best Alternatives To Facebook For Kids

Facebook is not just a social networking website, it has grown into a phenomena. And not having a Facebook account is not less than a felony. Every one of us understand the security and online safety issues linked with Facebook. So, this makes is completely unsafe for kids. So, we have come up with best alternatives to Facebook for kids.

You cannot stop your kids from using a social networking, as it is very addictive. Instead of stopping them from using Facebook, you can look for good social networking sites for kids which ensure your child’s safety on Internet.

3 Best Alternatives To Facebook For Kids


Parents would find this as a perfect alternative to Facebook for kids because it is very much like Facebook packed with better security parameters ensuring the safety of your kid. It features number of games and your kid gets to communicate with the people whom he/she has invited as friends.


The idea behind this social networking makes it completely safe. It is basically a network which lets you connect to the real friends only. Since you do not interact with strangers, your kid would surely be safe on this social network. My Secret Circle is more like a online hangout place for you and your friends.


Togetherville is getting very much popular among the kids these days. This is a social networking site for kids and by far one of the best Facebook alternatives for kids. While using Togetherville, your kid would never encounter stuff that he should not. It offers with so many features which ensures parental control on the activities of a kid done on this social network.

Social networking is becoming very popular with each day. People prefer to meet their friends on social networks rather on chat or email services. So, this makes you look for safe alternatives to Facebook for your kids. I hope this list would help you.

Happy Social Networking!

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June 9, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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