10 Best Ways to Protect Your Kids from Internet Threats

Protecting your kids / children from Internet threats is very important. There are number of ways to ensure their security on the world wide web. Internet is not just an ocean of useful knowledge, it might even harm your children, if not used correctly.

safe internet for kids

World is changing with time and with time, people especially parents are getting aware of the Internet threats that could harm their children. Regardless your kids being smart enough to tackle these threats, as a parent it is your responsibility to make Internet a safer place for your kids.

It is not possible for you to sit beside your children to keep an eye on him while he is spending his time on Internet. So below are few of the best ways to protect your kids from Internet threats:

  • Make sure that you arrange your computer at such a place that you can always keep on eye on him, at least while you are at your home.
  • Sit with your kids and talk to them inside out. Make sure that you warn your children about all the ugly things on Internet. Ask them NOT to provide their personal information like name, address, phone number anywhere on Internet.
  • Set time limits for your kids which will ensure that they won’t spend much of their time on Internet. Because it is obvious that lesser they use Internet, safer they are.
  • It your kids are not old enough to use conventional web browsers, then download any good and sound kids browser as they offer you with number of features to ensure your kids’ safety.
  • Social networking has become so much popular. So before your kids get into social networking, make sure that you tell them about all the risks and dangers involved in it. And warn them not to leak their personal information as it is not safe. And if possible, get into their friend list so that you can keep an eye on their social networking activities.
  • Use third party software and firewalls to protect your kids from bad web sites.
  • Ask them not to download anything from Internet and also not to share any files as they are the BIG source of threats like virus, spam, malware.
  • There are number of free and paid versions of Internet monitoring programs so that you can check what your child does on Internet.
  • Ask your children NEVER to meet people in real whom she have met on Internet.
  • Make them feel comfortable so that they can share any doubts regarding their Internet activities because this makes kids to approach their parents whenever they find some weird or dangerous stuff on Internet.
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February 6, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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