10+ Best Free Windows Mobile Applications Software for Smart Mobile Phones and Pocket PC

Windows Mobile is one of the most widely used as smart phones or Pocket PC software. The latest gadgets like HTC touch, Samsung Omnia etc are powered by Windows Mobile. It supports many applications which can be used for different purposes. Here is a list of 10 + must have and top rated windows mobile software applications which are available for free..


Data Backup

PIM  backup  is  a  free  backup software  from  www.dotfred.net.  Contacts,  call  logs, messages,  speed  dials,  tasks and other files can be backed up.  It  is  possible  to  backup information  from one device and restore it in another. the data  is  backed  up  in  a  .pib file,  which  is  just  a  .zip  file so some  data  can  be  edited on  a  computer. 

There  are  a number  of  data  restoration  options,  like updating  the data,  adding  only  new  data,  deleting  all  existing  data and making duplicates of the data. there are two format options  for backing up  the data, binary and  text-based. the binary format is faster, but the text based format is easier to edit on a computer. there is also a setting that allows the data to be compressed, and a scheduler feature which backs up data automatically when scheduled.


Task Manager

vbar is a task manager for windows mobile devices available  as  a  free download  from http://vieka.com/vbar.htm.  the  vbar  icon  locates  itself neatly  in  the title bar, and has two basic options for closing applications – close  all,  and close  all  but  active. the  software  itself  is very small  (21 Kb) and has  a  small  memory footprint  as  well.  You can  change  the  color settings, as well as the order in  which  the buttons  in  the  menu appears.  Another excellent  feature  is an option  to  show  tiny bars  indicating  the memory  and  battery usage  instead  of  the drop down icon


PDF Viewer

The  official  PDF  viewer  for  the windows mobile  platform is available for free download from this link www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readerforppc.html. the viewer  is a 13 mb download.  the  reader  optimizes  high  quality  PDF  content for viewing on a Windows mobile device, with both a portrait and a landscape mode available. A full screen mode  and  a  reflow  toggle  is  included.  there  are  two preset  zoom  options,  the fit width  and  the  default zoom,  and  a  custom zoom  option.  the  hand and the text selection tool are  included.  the  various options  available  while creating  PDF  content  are preserved when viewed on a windows mobile device, for example any page transitions show up as well as attached slideshows.


Feed Reader

Stay updated with the latest news, blog posts and podcasts with  ScreenyX RSS  reader,  available  for download  from  www.freewarepocketpc.net  or  www.mobiletopsoft.com.  You  can  add  as  many  feeds as  you  want,  and  most  major  feed  formats  are supported—including  podcasts  and  vidcasts.  the feeds are viewable either in a tree view or a ticker list.  there  is  a portrait  and  landscape  mode  available.  Splash news from  www.splash-data.com/splash-news  is  another good  feedreader, but  is  supported by tracked ads.



SpeedClean  is  a utility  to clean  up  temporary  files, temporary  Internet  files and  cookies  from  your pocket  PC.  this  freeware is  from  some  people  in France,  and  the  developer’s Web  site  seems  to be down, but the software is available on www.tucows.com and a couple of other pocket PC download sites. this software purges files that are no longer in use from the system. For users who  surf  the  Internet  a  lot  from  their  windows mobile devices, this software can be configured to automatically detect  and delete  such unused  files every time the device is started up.


Web Browser

Opera  has  two  browser  options  for windows mobile  devices like Opera mini, which works on most phones, and Opera mobile, which  is more  feature-rich and meant for the windows mobile platform. the latest edition is available as  a  free  download  from  http://www.opera.com/products/mobile.

A user can save pages for offline view, save images into folders and upload data from the device onto blogs or e-mail. the menu bar is very simple, but feature rich tabbed browsing, history  and bookmarks  are  available. there  are panning  and  zooming options, as well as a landscape mode. What makes Opera lightning fast is the auto-complete feature, and an option to exclude images from being rendered.


Video Player

tcpmp or the Core pocket media player  is  a  free  and open  source media  player for pocket PC that supports a  wide  range  of  formats. think  of  it  as  the VLC  for windows  mobile  devices. tcpmp  can  play  audio,  video  and  image  files  in even  the more  exoteric  formats. It can be obtained from http://picard.exceed.hu/tcpmp/test.

The video player is good as it is, but the optional plugins only make it better, and compatible with even more video formats. the plugins are available on the same page. Some of the advanced functionality of this player include changing the aspect ratio, and playback speed settings for changing the rate at which the video plays.


Screen Capture

CeCapture  is  a  free  screen  capturing  tool.  It  is  a small file, only 54Kb and can be downloaded from either  http://freewareppc.com  or  http://classic.pocketgear.com.  The  utility works  by  placing  an  ‘e’  key on the task bar. tapping  it at any point will take a screenshot and save it as an uncompressed .bmp file in  the my Documents  folder.

Another good  screen capture  software  for  windows  mobile  is  called ScreenCap  and  is  available from  http://www.geocities.com/nozomisoft/ScreenCap.html. It is even smaller than CeCapture  at  a modest  11 Kb.  This  software  too  saves captured  images  in  the my  Documents  folder  as uncompressed bitmap files.


Unzip Utility

ezyUnZip from http://www.cnetx.com/ezyunzip  is  a 461Kb  free download  that can handle all the zip files on  your Windows  mobile device.  The  interface  has two  styles,  the  soft-key menu  for  single-handed operation, and  the classic menu  for use with a  stylus. It  is possible to view the  files  in a zip archive without extraction, as well as selecting individual files for extraction.

The general options  include a check to attach all zip  files  to  the  program,  which  allows  for  a  single key  unzipping  function.  the  more  advanced  options include  Verifying  integrity  of  the  zip  archive  before unzipping,  encryption  support, displaying  comments, and showing the compression ratio.


Activity Simulator

It is sometimes necessary to keep the device active  and  functional  for  long  periods  of time for example while  reading  a  tricky  and  in-depth document, or using the screen light to look for  something.  It  is  irritating  if  the  back light goes off  in  the middle of  something Keep alive  from  www.freewarepocketpc.net is a 15Kb download that simulate keyboard  activity,  and  thus  keeping  the device  ‘alive’. there is an ‘Application always enabled’  toggle, an option  to  turn  it on on or off depending on how much battery  life  ileft, and a scheduler to turn it on at certain times of certain days. there  is also a time option  to turn  it  on or  off  automatically after a set amount  of time.



mADe is a powerful text editor for the windows mobile platform.  It  is  a 100 odd Kb  file  available from www.handheld.softpedia.com. mADe can handle multiple  files at  a  time,  open  really  large  files, and  can handle  a  number  of  different  formats.  It  is possible  to edit HTML, CSS or XML  files using mADe. there are also the usual cut/copy/paste features,  with  support  of  a  large  amount  of data.  the foreground  color,  the  background color and the font  are  all customizable. the  number of  undos  and redos  can  be configured manually . mADe  can also  load  and save  files  in various  8-bit encodings.


Image Viewer

Pocketcm  Image  Viewer  from  www.pocketcm.com  is  an image  viewer  for  windows  mobile that  uses  the  touch screen  functionality  to  its full  potential.  the  software  is  designed  to  be used with the fingers instead of the stylus. the image  occupies  the  entire  screen,  and  all  the options such as screen rotate, browsing, zooming and closing are available according to different  actions with  the finger. the  experience  is similar to the image viewer on an iphone. the entire  interface  has  a  very liquid  feel, with  a few  bells  and  whistles thrown in like a carrousel  view with reflections. Also it is possible  to  entirely customize  it,  as  it supports skins.

The list will go on and I will add useful applications. If you know any more useful and handy Windows mobile applications, Please suggest them through your comments. Thanks in advance.


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