How To Install Service Pack 3 On Windows XP

Although Windows 7 is the most popular operating system on planet Earth, but Windows XP is yet to loose its presence. Windows XP have been in existence from years and user love using it. So, if you are looking to upgrade it and install Service Pack 3 on Windows XP, then here is some help. […]

How to Integrate Folders as Menus into Quick Launch Bar of Windows

The extendable Quick-Launch bar offers direct access to important programs. However, more the number of applications is added to it, the more confusing it gets. The time advantage is lost in the effort spent on searching for the right program. Set aside My Computer as an independent task bar on the desktop. By integrating the […]

How to Set Up & Share an Internet Connection in Windows

The great thing about Internet Connection Sharing on Windows is that you can use networked computers to share a single connection to the Internet. In short, if you already have a group of connected computers i.e., Local Area Network, for example you could take a single Internet connection from an ISP and be able to […]

How to log in to Windows User Account Automatically without any Password

A secured Windows login account with a password will require you to enter the password every time you want to login to your operating system.  If you use the computer alone, you can bypass the password entry at the system start without deleting the password. In this way, Windows can automatically log in a user […]

How to Open Unknown File Types in Notepad by default

Whenever you double click on a file of unknown type, Windows normally asks for the program it should open this file. It is not a safe practice to open these files of unknown types as they may harm your computer.  A registry change can configure Windows to open unknown file types in Notepad by default, […]

How To Install New Fonts In Windows 7 / Vista / XP

This is a tutorial for all those who want to install new fonts in Windows 7 / Vista / XP. So, regardless the version of Windows Operating System, you can follow the same procedure to install new fonts in Windows OS. Here is the step by step procedure to install new fonts in Windows XP: […]

How To Find Serial / License Key Of Windows 7 / Vista / XP And Other Windows OS

How do you actually find the serial number / product key / license code of the installed Windows operating system on the computer? It is quite obvious that asking the key from the owner of that particular Windows operating system might not be the viable option. Here is a free tool namely, Windows 7 Key […]

Protect Your Computer from Viruses, Malicious Programs Completely in 10 Mins [ How to ]

A computers performance depends very much on its maintenance of the system. Especially, The PC protection is very important to safe guard your computer against various threats. This is not a tough job and it just takes 10 minutes to make your PC safe and secured. Here are some methods which will help protect your […]

How to create windows XP live CD in 15 mins

Microsoft Windows XP live CD  is the best way to boot into the Operating System without installation into the computer. By using this XP Live CD you can use XP and its features without actually installing them. This sounds cool, right? Creating a Live CD is not a big problem. It just involves adding of […]

How to delete history in windows media player

Windows Media Player which is in built with Windows OS plays most of the formats but if you want to delete the history of your windows media player to prevent others knowing about what you have been listening or watching. It can be done by a simple trick through which you can clear your recent […]

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