Now you can’t see any @replies in Twitter – #twitterfail

Twitter made a small update in settings of notices section. This prevents an user from getting updates or  tweets from your friends that start with @Username, if you were not following him/her. To be more clear you cannot see any more @replies in your twitter stream unless until you follow both the sender and recipient […]

Customize and Design your Own Personalized Twitter Profile Background with Free Twitter Designer

Here is an web application to customize and personalize your Twitter profile background. This will let you create free Twitter backgrounds which look like professional graphic designs. You can easily Design your own twitter profile background.   First, select the background theme by clicking on one of the given templates or you can even start […]

Twiveaway – Automatically Increase your Twitter Followers with Twitter Give Away Contests

Twitter has pretty much exploded across the internet and is becoming the most powerful form of social media in the world. Twitter is widely used for marketing and it requires you to have more followers. The single best way to increase your Twitter followers count is Twitter Giveaway contests. The problem with these Giveaway contests […]

Twitmatic – Surf and Play Videos Shared on Twitter

Twitter is best way to share your favorite links with everyone. The links may contain articles, pictures and even videos. Now you can watch the videos being shared on twitter. ffwd, the video-surfing recommendation site has launched Twitmatic, a site that plays only videos being shared on Twitter. In the site you are presented with […]

Create your own Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube Ribbons with Social Ribbon Generator

You can create your own Social Ribbons with Social Ribbon Generator.  These created social ribbons can be embedded on your site which will be visible to your visitors. This is surely going to help you to be more social. These ribbons can be used to invite your website or blog visitors to follow you on […]

Back up your Tweets with TweetBackup

Now you can even Backup your tweets and store them online. TweetBackup, a Twitter application is an online Twitter backup tool that can auto-backup your tweets daily. It just needs your twitter ID and email address and a regular back up of your twitter updates is stored. It lets you to export your backups into […]

Twitlet – Easiest way to Update Twitter Status from any Browser

Twitter, a micro blogging service has loads of applications which perform various functions. Updating twitter status is very simple in your favorite desktop browsers. But if you are using Google Chrome or browsing on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it is not so cool. Well, here is a solution called Twitlet, a Javascript Bookmarklet which […]

Shorten your Tweets into SMS Lingo with Twonvert

Twitter’s only feature that is not so cool is its 140 character limit for the Tweets. But for the people who like to tweet without any word limits here is a site called Twonvert ,a free web service that can shorten up your tweet using SMS lingo thereby allowing you to pack more info into […]

Tweet Symbols in Twitter using Twitterkeys

You could Tweet your followers on Twitter in style by using symbols. Adding symbols to Tweets used to involve remembering a whole bunch of keystroke combinations but thanks to TwitterKeys by Thenextweb. Often the word limit is limited to 140 in twitter. So you can avoid using some words by replacing them by symbols. This […]

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