Searchbar Autosizer – Expand / Increase Search Field size of Firefox Toolbar Dynamically

The size of the integrated search field of the Firefox browser is not enough when you are searching for longer keywords. You can easily increase the size of the search bar by customizing the toolbar but this consumes a lot of space in your toolbar. It is clever to increase the field size dynamically only […]

How to Block / Restrict Browser’s Toolbar against Undesired Changes

On every browser, toolbar is one of the easiest ways to navigate through menu items or bookmarks. By default, they will be enabled and it can be changed or disabled with a simple menu command. On a shared computer,you can prevent or restrict other users from being able to change the appearance of the browser. […]

How to Customize Internet Explorer Toolbar from Registry

The Internet Explorer toolbar can be customized using the registry editor. This can be useful to add or remove elements from the toolbar completely. Every change can be reverted back. A few simple commands can make some unwanted buttons and commands to disappear from the toolbar. Here is how you can do it.. Click "Start […]

How to Search Files Directly from Taskbar / Quick Launch Toolbar in Vista

The system search simplifies dealing with large databases. You can search for any file in your hard disk drive easily. In Windows Vista, Microsoft has hidden search in the start menu. It would be more practical to call search directly from the task bar. With a simple workaround, you can get search bar in the […]

How to Stumble a page without Stumble Upon Toolbar

You can now Stumble any pages or posts without using StumbleUpon toolbar. Stumbleupon can be a great source of traffic.  In order to stumble a post or a page you will need 2 things. Firstly an account in, You can see my profile at and you can add me up too. Next step […]

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