How to Re-Create Classic Start Menu in Windows 7

While the classic start menu is optionally available in Vista, Windows 7 does not have this option at all. It is thus confusing for beginners who have only used XP so far. You can convert a different start menu element to a classic start menu with a trick. This way, you can access the programs […]

How to Seamlessly Toggle between Minimized Windows

When working with multiple windows minimized on the taskbar, it can be troublesome to switch between windows one after the other, especially when they are grouped and hidden one behind the other. Windows 7 groups several folders together, but you have the option to disable this feature. Right-click on the taskbar and select properties. You’ll […]

How to Integrate Folders as Menus into Quick Launch Bar of Windows

The extendable Quick-Launch bar offers direct access to important programs. However, more the number of applications is added to it, the more confusing it gets. The time advantage is lost in the effort spent on searching for the right program. Set aside My Computer as an independent task bar on the desktop. By integrating the […]

How To Change The Start Menu Logo on Windows 7

Changing the Start Menu logo on Windows 7 does not require much of your efforts and it does not even require any technical expertise. If you are tired of seeing the usual Windows logo button on the Start menu, now you can change it easily and quickly. All you need is a simple program namely, […]

Make The Safe Mode Boot Option Appear Every Time Windows Starts Up

Safe Mode is one method to start a computer when there is any system crash or other problems.  You can boot in safe mode using BIOS. We previously discussed about how to Add “Reboot Into Safe Mode” To Your Start Menu. We can even add this in the system startup, so that you can choose […]

Prevent Specified Format Files from Appearing in My Recent Documents

The document history in the Start menu is actually quite practical as one can quickly open the last edited files with the appropriate program and continue working on them, theoretically that is. In practice, however, the list of My Recent Documents is filled with irrelevant entries. You can get rid of useless files or file […]

Display More Clocks of Different Time Zones in Start Menu of Vista

You can talk to your near ones abroad at a low price via VOIP, using programs such as Skype. However, you wouldn’t like to get your friends out of the bed in the middle of the night and so want to keep track of their time zones. Along with the current local time, Vista can […]

How to Sort Menus Alphabetically in Windows XP

In Windows XP the programs in the START menu is arranged without any specific order. You can make them arranged in the alphabetical order by a simple registry tweak. In order to perform this, here is the procedure: Start the Registry editor: Start > Run > regedit > [Enter]. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder Right click on […]

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