Playlistify – Import Loved Tracks To Spotify

There is no doubt about the fact that the Spotify is the most popular online music service. And number of users are switching from services like, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Rhapsody to Spotify. So, if you are switching from to Spotify, you would surely want an easy way to import loved tracks to Spotify. […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To Spotify

First question I would like to ask is, who does not like free stuff? And the second would be, who does not like listening to music? The obvious answers for these questions would be everyone and no one respectively. In this post, we would be talking about free online music. Spotify has proved to be […]

Stream Spotify On Apple TV And iOS Devices

Spotify is the latest buzz on the planet. After rocking Europe, Spotify has impressed the users in US too. And if you are looking to stream Spotify on Apple TV and iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices, here is some help. This is a detailed step by step guide which would help you stream Spotify […]

5 Apps To Discover Music On Spotify

Spotify is turning out to be the new Facebook of music. Yes, with its introduction in US after the huge success in Europe, Spotify is growing exponentially each day. Whether it would be classics, latest hits, or upcoming music, Spotify is there to offer you with any sort of music that you wish. So, here […]

7 Best Free Spotify Apps

After its immense success and popularity in Europe, Spotify is growing exponentially in US. With this, more and more Spotify based services are hitting the market. Soptify apps have gone official now, as this online music service is encouraging third party developers to come up with the apps. And here we are compiling the best […]

How To Access Spotify In India

I have a read a lot about Spotify and my friends living in US and UK have told me a lot about this online music streaming. All this adds to my curiosity and makes me wonder if there is way I could access Spotify in India. I know there are number of Indians like me […]

5 Incredible And Useful Spotify Tips And Tricks

After being immensely successful in Europe, Spotify has entered into United States Of America. This online music service is one of the best in the business. And if you have started using Spotify, then I am quite sure that you would be looking for some cool and useful tips and tricks, so I have compiled […]

Groovylists – Import Playlists From Spotify To Grooveshark

If you want to switch from Spotify to Grooveshark, here is an amazing way to get import you Spotify playlists. Groovylists is a free web service which lets you import playlists from Spotify to Grooveshark. Not just this, you can use this service to import your playlists from and iTunes XML playlists too. All […]

4 Best Free Automatic Spotify Playlist Generator

It is not always necessary that you need to create your own Spotify playlists. There are number of websites available on Internet which are basically automatic Spotify Playlist Generator. So based on the band or artist name you like, these services provide you with the playlists automatically. It is not always that this is the […]

How To Share Spotify Playlists On Facebook

Yes, the present world is bitten and smitten by Facebook. People have started sharing so much of stuff on Facebook, then why not tell the world you are listening to. Yes, if you want to share Spotify playlists on Facebook, then you can do that without any third party tool. Because of the Facebook effect, […]

10 Best Sites To Share Spotify Playlists

After doing impressive business in Europe, Spotify has hit the US market now. And no wonder, expectations are high. People have already started loved this wonderful music streaming service. And if you have started using it, then you might have already started looking for means to share your Spotify Playlists. There are number of web […]

6 Best Free Spotify Plugins / Add-ons / Apps

Spotify is one most popular online music streaming services. There are number of factors which make Spotify a better service to try. Now, there are number of free Spotify plugins / add-ons / apps available on Internet which would make this online music streaming service a far more better thing to try. These Spotify plugins […]

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