How To Transfer Skype Chat History From Mac To Windows

This might not be one of those questions that every Mac and Skype users have got, but is surely one of those questions which has been bothering many users and that is the reason that you have ended on to this page. There could be many reasons why you wish to have Skype Chat History […]

Top Free Apps To Customize Skype – Free Skype Addons

Skype is surely the most popular ( and possibly the best), audio or video chat service available. Its been a while that Skype has been ruling the video calling market, and there hasn’t been any other web service replacing it. Very few are aware that Skype has its own app market like Android, iOS and […]

2 Best Ways To Record Video Chat On Skype

Skype is undoubtedly the best and the most popular way for video chat. And with its presence in Android and iOS other than Windows, Mac and Linux, it has surely become an amazing program for video chat. Now if you are looking for ways to record video chat on Skype, then we have two easy […]

How To Fix Skype Crashes

Skype has grown exponentially in past two years. More and more people are using it as default IM client. Whether it would be computer, smartphones, Mac or any other operating system, Skype is becoming the only way for text chat, voice chat and video chat. So, here are the ways to fix Skype crashes. We […]

How To Make Group Video Call / Conference On Skype

Skype has grown exponentially. And the reason is that it offers the best audio and video quality while interacting with people on Internet. And this amazing quality lets you have a video conference among your friends, relatives, business associates or anybody you want. Here is the step by step guide to make group video call […]

How To Install Skype On Ubuntu Linux

Installing programs on Ubuntu Linux is not that difficult than it seems, as here is the tutorial to install Skype on Ubuntu Linux. There are two ways to download, install and run Skype messengers on any Linux distro, one is the using command line arguments and the other one is using non-terminals. Here are the […]

7 Best Alternatives For Skype | Top VoIP Clients|

Skype has surely revolutionized the way people interact on Internet. Regardless your reason for looking for a Skype alternative, we list out the 7 best alternatives for Skype messengers. There are number of VoIP services available on Internet, both free and paid versions. And out of them, Skype stood out as the champion. Using this VoIP […]

5 Best Instant Messengers / IM Clients For Mobile Phones

You can chat with your friends and family using different IMs for desktop. What if you want to chat using your mobile phone? Here is a list of top 5 Instant Messengers or IM clients for Mobile Phones. These mobile chat applications can be used to access almost all popular IM’s like Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, […]

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