Find in Tabs – Search Multiple Open Tabs in Firefox Simultaneously

You have compiled several interesting sites in different tabs when researching. Searching through all of them individually for a particular thing takes really long. In an active tab, it is sufficient to enter a search term. A comprehensive search for several tabs is however, not something Firefox offers. The free ‘Find in Tabs’ extension acts […]

Searchbar Autosizer – Expand / Increase Search Field size of Firefox Toolbar Dynamically

The size of the integrated search field of the Firefox browser is not enough when you are searching for longer keywords. You can easily increase the size of the search bar by customizing the toolbar but this consumes a lot of space in your toolbar. It is clever to increase the field size dynamically only […]

Add / Change Google Background Image – Customize Google Search Home Page

Customize Google home page the way you like. Google announced a new feature called new Freeze Frame, which lets you personalize your Google search page. You can add your favorite photos or images as the background of the Google homepage. The photos can be uploaded from your computer or can even be selected from Picasa […]

How to Search Online using MS- Excel – Perform Research on Any Topic

Would you like to research stock quotes, find definitions to complex words and even search for encyclopedia entries? You can do all this and more by using MS Excel. Using this tip, you can search online for anything you like from Excel Window. This will be useful if you don’t want to switch tabs every […]

How to Search Files Directly from Taskbar / Quick Launch Toolbar in Vista

The system search simplifies dealing with large databases. You can search for any file in your hard disk drive easily. In Windows Vista, Microsoft has hidden search in the start menu. It would be more practical to call search directly from the task bar. With a simple workaround, you can get search bar in the […]

How to Search for Files Quickly in Crowded Folders / Directories using Attributes and Metadata in Vista

What is the difference between directories in Windows Explorer and the folders of an actual filing cabinet? They are never full, irrespective of how many files one stuffs in them. There is a big disadvantage though, one cannot see them all with a simple glance. Windows Vista offers the option of stacking files in folders […]

Search Popular Image and Video sites by Tags with TagBulb

Her is a quick tag search engine for Images and Videos. With TagBulb you can quickly search images and videos across number of popular sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Zooomr, 23, Riya, Webshots, Yahoo, Imeem, Youtube,, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Google, Grouper and Revver. Basically all popular sites where people tag images and videos. The interface […]

USniff – The Best way to Search Torrents

Torrents are one of the main sources of downloads. But searching for them is one hell of a job because there are many fake torrents and also many torrents which contain virus. To avoid all these only way to go is to get the best torrents and here is a search engine for torrents which […]

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