How to Print a Draft Copy in MS-Excel [ Save Time, Money, Ink ]

If you find yourself repeatedly printing the same Excel spreadsheet for proofing purposes, here is how you can save plenty of time and money using draft mode.  In this mode by printing a draft copy of excel document, although your graphics might not look as nice and the letters and numbers not as sharp as […]

Use Auto-Archive and Mailbox Cleanup in MS-Outlook

Over the months, plenty of messages will accumulate in your mail folders, and it will become increasingly difficult to manage your messages. Microsoft Outlook provides a way to check the size of the various message folders and to move “older” messages to the Archive folder or delete them permanently using Auto Archive and Mailbox Cleanup […]

How to Generate Random Numbers in MS-Excel

If you want to generate random numbers for use in your Excel spreadsheet, the RAND function helps to generate numbers without any specifications. But what if you need to generate random numbers only within a given range?  Just follow these simple steps to learn how. Click on the cell where you would like to begin […]

How to Modify / Change Similarly Formatted Text in MS-Word Document

Are you staring at a word document that needs to be completely reformatted with a set of new styles? Were you just asked to make all existing italic sections bold as well? Maybe the document is huge and it will take you a few days to search for all the text that is currently in […]

How to Import Contacts from Yahoo, MSN Hotmail / Live, Outlook CSV Files to Gmail Address Book

This tutorial explains how to import your contacts from different mail accounts like Yahoo mail, MSN , Live or Hotmail or Outlook into Gmail address book. CSV ( Comma-Separated-Values ) files are used to export your contacts from different email accounts. You can easily import all the exported contacts to Gmail’s Address book. This is […]

Create Movie Style Scrolling Credits at End of PowerPoint Presentations.

PowerPoint presentations are mostly preferred for their animation effects. These special effects bring life to the presentations and make them more lively and interactive. Here is the procedure to create Movie style scrolling credits at the end of a powerpoint presentation. People take a lot of care to animate the whole presentation, but a good […]

How to Add Watermarks To Your Word Documents

Watermarks are text or pictures that appear behind the text. They can identify the document’s status, marking a document as a draft, for example. You can use graphics or text as printed watermarks, which will appear after you print the documents. These are used in order to identify the documents and also you can protect […]

Decrease the Size of PowerPoint Presentation Files up to 50 Percent

Microsoft PowerPoint slides are used to give presentations. Generally the size of these presentation files ( .PPT ) will be more because of the images, animations etc which are added in the slides. Did you know that you can decrease the size of your PowerPoint presentation file up to 50 percent? Here’s how it can […]

How to Create an Index Page for Word Documents

If you have a large document, creating an index could be really helpful in locating information within the document. An index lists all the important points and topics in your document under one orderly alphabetical list. Hence, Word provides you with an easy to use index maker. using this, you can create Index pages for […]

Import Calculations from old versions of Excel without a Problem

While upgrading to Excel 2007, you imported calculations from older Excel documents. However, the import wasn’t 100 percent successful and you get the error message ‘#NAME?’ in some cells. The problem occurs if you have used analysis functions such as ‘CONVERT’, ‘CALENDAR WEEK’ or ‘MROUND’ in the calculation, which you had to activate earlier as […]

How to Save and Apply Filter Settings Faster in Excel

Excel has effective filter functions for evaluating table data. Separate filters can also be set for individual columns. This may be good but you have to set the criteria after each time you edit the data. Now that’s tedious!  Though there is no evident way to save the filter settings, a user-defined view retains the […]

How to Create and Use Pre-Defined Cover Pages in MS-Word

Cover Pages for Word Documents will make them look attractive. These cover pages will be used at the start of the document and it is very important to get a good design as it reflects the whole document. Creating attractive cover pages for concepts or literary tasks is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you have […]

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