How to Insert a Section Mark Special Symbol in Word Documents

While creating a legal document, you are required to add many special symbols. One of these symbols, called a section mark, which resembles a double ‘S’ is used extensively in legal documents. This section mark special character can be easily added by using the key combination of [Alt] + 0167. This character can also be […]

How to Hide Text in a Word Document – Make Data Invisible

Wondering if you can remove some of the data from your document and still preserve it for future reference? Or else you may want to enter some text that is only visible to you and invisible to everyone else who views the document? You can protect your documents by using steganography software or encrypting software […]

How to Search Online using MS- Excel – Perform Research on Any Topic

Would you like to research stock quotes, find definitions to complex words and even search for encyclopedia entries? You can do all this and more by using MS Excel. Using this tip, you can search online for anything you like from Excel Window. This will be useful if you don’t want to switch tabs every […]

LikeOffice Excel Utility – Feature Rich Addon to Simplify your Work

LikeOffice Excel Utility is an Excel Addon which simplifies your work. It has got many features which will lets you do complicated tasks easily. Once installed it creates a new LikeOffice item to the menu in Excel 2003 or a new LikeOffice tab is added to the ribbon in Excel 2007. The features in the […]

How to Use Invisible Action Buttons in PowerPoint Presentations

If you want to set up a presentation that you can control by clicking action buttons, but want several of these buttons on each slide without cluttering up your slide too much, you need Invisible action buttons. These invisible or undercover action buttons are used to control the powerpoint presentation without making it look bad. […]

How to Show Formulas and Calculated Results in Excel

You can customize your Excel spreadsheets to display only formulas instead of results. This can be especially helpful when you are creating a report or conducting analysis of documents from the data computed by someone else. However, it will serve little or no purpose if you have either just the formulas or only the data. […]

How to Synchronize Schedules of Google Calendar with Outlook Automatically

Google Calendar is an ideal tool for planning schedules within a group. If you want to synchronize the schedules with the content of your Google calendar in MS-Outlook calendar, It is best to use a tool which synchronizes data automatically. For example, the free program ‘Google Calendar Sync’, which you can download from this link. […]

Office Tab – Tabbed Browsing in Ms-Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Office Tab is a small add-on which will bring tabbed browsing to Microsoft office. Generally every new word document or excel worksheet or powerpoint slide we open opens up in a new window and this occupies a lot of space on taskbar and also its hard to manage all the windows. With this application, you […]

How to Limit / Restrict Edits to your Word Documents

You can save a Word document as read-only file. By making a document read-only, you can prevent any changes made to it.  But what if you want the document to be reviewed by a group of people and still don’t want any changes in the file? You can limit or restrict edits to your word […]

How to Use Mail Merge Option in MS-Word for Mass Mailing

Mail merge is one good feature of Microsoft Word which helps you in mass mailing tasks. This is a tutorial which explains how to use mail merge effectively and simplify your work. Mass Mailing refers to mailing more than one person with different options using Mail Merge. This includes to make a set of envelopes […]

How to Use Templates in MS-Word – Attach Template – Change Default Template

Templates are one of the most common and convenient formats to be used anywhere. Templates in Microsoft Word can be used to apply common formatting styles in a document. Use a template to specify default style and menu options. MS-Word 2007 provides various kinds of templates that can be applied to your document. Word has […]

How to Print Logical or Mathematical Errors of MS-Excel Cells

Sometimes cells contain logical or mathematical errors that need to be printed. How do you enable printing these errors on paper as proof? If you want the cell errors to be displayed in your printed Excel spreadsheets, you can choose to blank out all error values, or you can convert all cells with errors to […]

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