Hide / Unhide, Toggle and Print Tasks of To Do Lists in Word

Let’s say you have a lengthy to-do list where some tasks are complete and some pending. Now, you might not want to see the tasks that have been completed, but you don’t want to delete them either. Here are some tips to simplify using tasks in MS Word. You can hide and unhide tasks of […]

Set Reminder for Blank / Empty Subject Field for Mails in Outlook

Sometimes when we send mails, we may forget to mention the subject in the mail.  The blank subject line must be avoided as much as possible to follow email etiquette. Especially when you write official mails, Subject should be mentioned as it is one of the important parts of a mail.  Using a small tip, […]

How to Determine Safe Senders List for Junk Filters Automatically in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, the Junk email filter protects the inbox from undesired messages or mails. To improve its efficiency, You can maintain a ‘Safe senders’ list so that messages from colleagues, friends and acquaintances do not wrongly end up in trash. This helps you to diversify the mails easily and the MS-Outlook  settings can be […]

Convert & Show PowerPoint Presentations as Flash Movies on your Website / Blog

PowerPoint is considered as a synonym for demonstrative presentations. In most cases it is difficult to integrate and display PowerPoint presentations into a website or blog; moreover, they also cannot be played directly on the site. Therefore, you should convert your presentation into a flash films. The iSpring add-on is suitable for that for instance. […]

Define Validation Rules to Permit / Allow only Correct Data Entries in MS Excel Tables

Sometimes the values or the entries in a worksheet of an Excel file may not be inputted according to the required specifications. You can avoid it by defining validation rules for worksheet entries and can restrict an entry to particular, allowed values. Thus, the data entries entered into your MS Excel document can be allowed […]

Save Word Documents in Different Versions – Install Missing Components in MS-Word

If you are a person who regularly keeps on changing between work stations that have Word 97, 2003 ,2007 or higher versions installed, you might want to save your documents in these formats. Let us see how you can enable Word to provide you with this feature, in case it’s not already installed. To make […]

OffiSync – Open / Edit MS-Office Files Online with Google Docs

If you work a lot on Google Docs and MS-Office and want to access files from anywhere, OffiSync will help you do it. It lets you open and edit your Microsoft Office documents or files online using Google Docs. Using OfficSync you can save and open Office files directly to Google Docs. Create, delete and move […]

How to Create Quick Part / Reusable Content in Word

Creating a Quick Part in a Word document allows you to make a block of text easily accessible and reusable. This will make your document appear uniform, apart from saving your time. Word 2007 helps you capture content from one document and reuse it over and over again in other documents as a building block. […]

Create PDF from Office Applications – Save a Word or Excel File as PDF / XPS

Adobe’s PDF has established  itself as a cross-platform document format. Even MS-Office can work with it directly. It is expensive to create PDF files from Adobe Acrobat Professional. Here is a small plugin for Microsoft Office allows you to save a Word or Excel file directly as a PDF or XPS. There are methods to […]

How to Archive your email Messages by Year in different PST Files in Outlook

The PST file is the central data repository for Outlook. Email attachments tend to increase its size. This slows down the program and gives rise to several problems. Instead of collecting all data in one PST (Personal Store) file, you can archive mail by year in several PST files. This helps you differentiate between older […]

How to Prevent Automatic Table Formatting in Word Documents

Microsoft Word at times automatically changes the column width of a table at its own discretion. This jumbles up the entire page layout. You can always prevent automatic table formatting in Word documents. The procedure to do so is as follows.. Right-click any one cell of the table in the document and select the ‘Table […]

How to Save Mails Automatically in different PST Files in Outlook

You have several email addresses for corresponding with different recipients such as friends and family. Things get annoying when all messages end up  in the same mailbox. Creating  individual folders for specific  recipients makes navigation and archiving easy. You can instruct Outlook to store the mails  in different PST files depending on  the sender’s address. […]

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