How To Share Files Between Windows 8 And Mavericks OSX

Gone are the days when Apple Macbook was just a high end (in terms of price) gadget that only few could afford. You will surely see more and more people using Mac these days, and this is the reason that I have compiled this post. In this post, I have compiled the step by the […]

How To Start And Shutdown Mac Automatically

I have not turned my Mac off since past 3 months and its running like a champion. But there have been times when I wanted my Mac to be turned OFF or turned ON automatically. I am sure that you have felt such need (atleast once), to get your Mac started on its own or […]

How To Fix “Cannot Install The Software For Printer” On Mac OS X

I got this error popped on my MacBook’s screen when I was trying to add my friend’s printer to it. Installation was all going fine, and suddenly I got a small Window popped up onto the screen saying, “Cannot Install The Software For Printer“. Apparently, I used to same driver disk which he used to […]

How To Run Internet Explorer On Mac

If you own a Mac, then you might have noticed that there are number of applications that won’t run on it because they only compatible ¬†on Windows. I am sure that this harsh fact sickens you. Even though you have spent so much on your laptop, no doubt its better than any other laptop in […]

Mac OS X Tip – Change Computer Name On Mac OS X

You need to change the name of your Mac machine, and that is the reason that you ended on to this post. Changing computer name was never a difficult task. Whether it would be Mac, Windows or any other OS for that matter, changing the computer’s name is not a big deal. The only reason […]

How To Connect To Office VPN On Mac

This is one of those features that every Mac owner who is with corporate world wants to learn about. Except for few handful of corporate firms, every company has its own network. And when you wish to access those secured corporate networks on your home / personal laptop or computer, you need VPN to set […]

11 Best Free Ways To Speed Up Mac OS X

We might have already shared ways to speed up Mac OS X, but as your OS gets updated every now and then, you should also be ready with new and better ways to speed up your operating system. Sometimes going beyond the conventional ways helps. And in case of speeding up the operating system, you […]

How To Hide Files From Spotlight On Mac

Sometimes who do not wish to hide files on your computer completely, but you do want them to be kept away from the world. Yes, I am talking about ways to keep your files on your Mac away from Spotlight search. It means that you files and folders would be there on your Mac machine, […]

How To Hide Recent Items On Mac

People like to use things secretly. I mean, while you were on Windows you always try to clear the Recent Items tab, and I am pretty sure that you would finding a way to do it on your Mac too. Well, there are two places from where one can check the Recent Items. One is […]

How To Delete iMessage Chat History On Mac OS X

iMessage has been another addition to Mac OS X which has been truly impressive. Users have been using it just like any other normal app without facing any real issues. Now, by default iMessage saves all your chat history. So, if you want to read the chat that you had with anyone on iMessage, then […]

2 Ways To Set Default Applications On Mac OS X

If you are new to Mac, then you would surely find using it an hefty task during the initial days. But as days go by, you realize that things that Mac lets you do were never possible on any other operating system. When I was new to Mac, there were many issues which I used […]

How To Configure Startup Programs On Mac

I am going to talk about a common practice, which has nothing to do with the OS you are working on. Whenever you switch on your computer, there is a set of programs that you launch straight away. And this happens with me every time and every day. Whenever I switch on my Mac, there […]

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