3 Tools To Access Linux Partitions From Windows

If your computer has dual OS running, lets say Windows and Linux for an instance, then you surely must look for ways access Linux partitions on Windows. Have there been situations when you wanted to use Linux mount points on Windows? I am pretty sure that you must have encountered such situations. So here are […]

How To Install And Play Angry Birds On Ubuntu Linux

Angry Birds have surely created an amazing buzz in the cyber world. In 2010, there were more than 12 million downloads, and this shows it all. If you work on Linux, and wondering if you can install and play Angry Birds on Ubuntu Linux, then we have got some good news for you. In this […]

5 Best Free Torrent Clients For Linux

Torrents are one of the best way to download stuff on Internet. There are number of P2P file sharing clients on Internet, some are free while some are paid, some are compatible with Windows, some with Linux and and some with Mac. Out of the huge number of file sharing clients available on Internet, we […]

Digikam – Photo Manager for Linux, Mac and Windows

Managing photos is one of those tasks which is stressful but still cannot run from it. Here is an amazing photo manager for Linux, Mac and Windows platform which works like magic namely, Digikam. When you have lots of pictures and find it difficult to organize and manage those pictures, Digikam would prove to be great […]

Merge / Split PDF Files On Linux and Ubuntu | PDF Shuffler

Here is a free app for Linux which lets you merge / split PDF files on Linux or Ubuntu, namely PDF Shuffler. This free Linux program is a great option for the users who work on PDF files. PDF Shuffler is an application based on python-gtk used to merge or split PDF files and also […]

How To Flush DNS Cache On Linux

Whenever you raise name resolution requests, DNS Clients cache the information of the sites you visit. It implies that DNS Cache a lot of information which includes details of every website you visit, which surely eats up the memory of your system. If you are wondering, how to flush DNS cache on Linux, then this […]

How To Install Skype On Ubuntu Linux

Installing programs on Ubuntu Linux is not that difficult than it seems, as here is the tutorial to install Skype on Ubuntu Linux. There are two ways to download, install and run Skype messengers on any Linux distro, one is the using command line arguments and the other one is using non-terminals. Here are the […]

How To Disable Ping Responses / Replies In Linux

Irrespective of your reason, if you are trying to disable ping responses / replies in Linux temporarily or permanently, then here are the ways. All you need to do is run a couple of commands and your done with the disabling process. DISABLE PING RESPONSES / REPLIES IN LINUX PERMANENTLY In order to disable ping […]

How To Install And Run Evernote On Linux / Ubuntu

sing Wine is the best way to install and run any Windows compatible app on Linux / Ubuntu, so similar is the way to install and run Evernote 4.0 on Linux / Ubuntu. Evernote is one of those apps / programs which become a part of your life once you start using it. So, if […]

How To Install And Run Windows Applications / Software On Ubuntu Linux

No wonder everybody is addicted to Windows based programs. Even though you are working on some other OS, may be like Ubuntu Linux, there will be times when you wish to install and run Windows programs / applications / software on Ubuntu Linux. If you think that is not possible, then you are mistaken. There […]

Free Download Accelerator For Linux / Ubuntu – SKDownloader

If you are looking for a free download accelerator for Linux / Ubuntu, then SKDownloader would serve your need. This download manager app for Linux offers you with all the functionality that any conventional download manager does. Here are some of the highlighting features of this free download accelerator for Linux, SKDownloader: Offers HTTP, FTP […]

5 Best Free Linux / Ubuntu Firewalls

Linux OS is actually considered as a robust platform. It is not easily attacked by virus and other unwanted Internet junk. Yet it is better to keep your system protected as a wiseman said, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, this would make you protect your Linux / Ubuntu system, so we compile a list […]

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