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Internet has changed the lives of billions of people on the planet earth. And yes, most of these changes have been good. Sometimes it amazes and scares me to think life without Internet. Such has been its impact on human lives. If we are not aware of any thing or want to know how a […]

How To Mute Spotify Ads / Adverts

Here is an amazing trick which lets you get rid of ads on Spotify, without having its Premium Account. MUkoTE is a free program which lets you mute Spotify ads / adverts. This program was actually designed to mute ads on online audio / video streaming sites and media players. Related : How to Use […]

How To Disable Ping Responses / Replies In Linux

Irrespective of your reason, if you are trying to disable ping responses / replies in Linux temporarily or permanently, then here are the ways. All you need to do is run a couple of commands and your done with the disabling process. DISABLE PING RESPONSES / REPLIES IN LINUX PERMANENTLY In order to disable ping […]

How To Rip DVD or Blu-Ray Movies | VidCoder |

VidCoder is a free program which lets you rip DVD or Blu-Ray movies. This free software allows you convert a movie on DVD or Blu-Ray into a video file on your computer, it can be useful when you want to watch the movie on a device that has no optical drive. VidCoder is a free […]

How To Install And Run Evernote On Linux / Ubuntu

sing Wine is the best way to install and run any Windows compatible app on Linux / Ubuntu, so similar is the way to install and run Evernote 4.0 on Linux / Ubuntu. Evernote is one of those apps / programs which become a part of your life once you start using it. So, if […]

How To Add Subtitles To Your YouTube Videos

Have you ever felt the need to add subtitles to your YouTube videos? If yes, then Subyo is the web service which lets you add subtitles to any your YouTube video and share that among your friends. To start with, you need to have a Subyo Account. So, create one and get started with it. […]

How To Convert Any File To Torrent Online

Burnbit is an amazing web app which converts any file into torrent online without any torrent or P2P client. This web service lets you burn files straight on to your server to torrents without much of efforts. All you need to do is simply mention the path of the path of the file that you […]

How To Unblock / Access BBC iPlayer Outside UK | Free VPN Service |

There are many services which are blocked for users based on users of different countries. Expat Shield is a free VPN service which lets users to unblock / access BBC iPlayer outside UK. There are services like Spotify, which are restricted for the users of many regions, but there are ways to access it. Expat […]

How To Create A Virtual Machine On Windows 7

Go Virtual Paragon is a free tool which lets you create a virtual machine on Windows 7 system. And the virtual machine created by this tool will be compatible with VMWare, VirtualPC or VirtualBox. So to start with, all you need to do is download Go Virual Paragon. And make sure that while you download […]

How To Make / Create Fake And Harmless Computer Virus

You love pranks? Here is the way to create / make fake and harmless virus on your computer. And you can use this fake virus to scare your friends. And I bet you, this would be real fun as it doesnot harm the PC and at the same time, it scares the other person to […]

How To Fix / Repair Corrupted / Broken AVI Video File

DivFix++ is an amazing program which lets you fix / repair any corrupted / broken AVI video file with so much of ease. Using this free program is smooth and very easy to use which lets you fix the corrupted video file in no time. Here is the step by step procedure to fix / […]

How To Create Your Own Online Broadcast Channel

Creating your own online broadcast channel is an unbelievably easy task now. I know this might sound strange but Livestream is the tool, that helps you create your own channel which can be accessed by anyone that you think can. Livestream is the best tool that can create online video broadcasting channel that whoever you […]

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