Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Docs

Google Docs is one of those free web services that almost every Internet uses. Whether it would be for reading documents online, or writing documents online, Google Docs is always there to help you. So, we bring you the list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Docs Function Keyboard […]

How To Backup Gmail Account Mails To Computer

It was March 9th, when Inboxes of number of Gmail accounts got emptied. Although, Google did recover all those emails but it surely forced me take the backup of all my mails to my computer. Yes, Google won’t risk 150 million users’ emails but it is always good to be prepared. And moreover, if you […]

5 Best Google Labs Features

There are number of reasons why Gmail is the best mail service on Internet. Google Labs offers you with number enhancements which work for the betterment of your Gmail experience. Features offered by Google Labs makes your emailing efficient, fun and unique experience. 5 Best Google Labs Features Gmail Offline This is an incredible Google […]

3 Ways To Make Google Chrome Browser Faster

Technically Google Chrome is the fastest browser on the planet and as a Chrome fan, I too feel the same. But I know huge number of people who like the way Chrome looks like, in terms of interface and all but feel that it is on the slower side We have complied few ways to […]

Download Google Chrome 10 Standalone Installer For Windows, Mac, Linux

Google has finally released the stable version of Google Chrome 10 web browser. So, we bring you the means to download Google Chrome 10 standalone installer for all the platforms which include Windows, Mac and Linux. Google says that they worked on the betterment of fundamentals with Chrome 10 browser. According to the Internet giant, […]

How To Block Websites From Google Search Results

If you want to block websites from Google search results, then there is a Chrome extension which would help you with this. Personal Blocklist, Chrome extension is a great means to block any domain from your Goole web search results. Once you download and install this Chrome extension, Personal Blocklist you can enter as many […]

Watch YouTube Videos In Pop Up Windows In Chrome

No wonder, add-ons and extensions for a web browser make your life so easy. Here is one  more for all the Chrome users, Search On YouTube which lets you watch YouTube videos in pop up windows. All you need to do is get is Google Chrome extension installed and you can start using it. Once […]

Top 6 Google Chrome Extensions To Capture Screenshots

I love using Google Chrome than any other browser and I know there are millions of Chrome fans around the world. If you were looking for some good Google Chrome Extensions to capture screenshots, then here is a list for you.   Add-ons / extensions make any browser more efficient. And similar is the story […]

How To Remove / Block YouTube Ads

While watching videos on YouTube you must have surely got irritated of the advertisements. Those times must have made you look for a YouTube ads blockers. If you want to remove / block YouTube ads, we have a solution for you which will help you get rid of these YouTube ads. I would rather say […]

Facebook Photo Zoom – Zoom In Photos On Facebook

What would you do if you need to zoom photos on Facebook? Save the photo from Facebook to computer, which I actually want to zoom. Then use any third party tool to zoom in. This is what I used to do. Here is an amazing Google Chrome extensions which lets you zoom in photos on […]

How To Use and Install Google Chrome Apps

Google Web Store is making some news on Internet as they are now offering Google Chrome Apps. These web apps are specially designed for Google Chrome users. You can find number of Chrome apps on Google Web Store, some are free and some are paid, and based on your requirement you can download them and […]

5 Best Google Chrome Apps For News

Google Chrome Apps seems like next big thing and if you are looking for best Google Chrome apps for News in the Google Chrome web store, then you would this list post so very useful. If you are one of those people who like to keep themselves updated with the all happenings around the world, […]

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