Top File Manager With Tabs For Mac

There is one thing which I do not like about Finder on my Mac, it is the fact that it does not come with Tabs. A File Manager without tabs feature is pointless to me. I do most of my file browsing and file managing tasks by drag and drop. And considering that fact, a […]

4 Top Free Clipboard Managers For Mac

Regardless the fact that you have or haven’t realized the need of any clipboard manager for your Mac, I know that you need these kind of apps. These are the times when you almost every one does lot of texting and formal typing on your Mac machine. And this automatically calls for clipboard managers. Lately, […]

7 Must Have Free Mac Apps For Photographers

There was time when Mac was considered to be a machine built for artists. And I know that this one of those things which still stand true, but partially. Considering this fact that some of the photographers are using Mac, I would like to list out few must have Mac apps for Photographers. These photography […]

Best Ways To Defragment Mac – Defragmenters For Mac

There are number of ways to defragment Mac, some are free and some are paid. As usual, I would promote only the free ways. In addition to the normal way of Mac defragmentation, I would also be sharing few apps which would get this task done for you. Why would you want to defragment your […]

123D Design – Create 3D Models On Mac

Here is a brand new app in the Mac App Store from the house of AutoCAD makers and its christened as 123D Design. And as the name suggest, this program is meant for creating 3D models and designs. Although its a free app, but it is capable enough to create some high quality designs. The […]

PST Bridge – Read PST Files On Mac Without Outlook

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which basically is the format of MS Outlook messages. Since Outlook is one of the most popular email client used on the planet, you would definitely land up into a situation where you would need to read PST files or convert PST files on Mac. If you have found […]

6 Top Free Mac Apps For Fun And To Kill Time

Apps are not just about productivity and utility, as they can prove to help you kill time too. I would like to prove the same in this post. I have compiled few Mac apps for fun and as I intended, these apps are just for fun. These fun apps for Mac are small in size, […]

3 Top Meditation Apps For Mac

Lately, I have used a relaxation app on my friend’s smartphone which took me off my feet. When I came back to my home, the first thing I did was to find if there are any meditation apps for Mac available. I do not like sitting idle, but when I sit to relax, I make […]

7 Best Free Audio Editors For Mac

Mac was first introduced as a personal computer but later it became more like a must have gadget for artists. Painters, writers, musicians, scientists, designers and other innovative people have the MacBook now. In this post, we would be sharing few good free audio editors for Mac. Now you requirement might be as domestic as […]

Best Fashion Design Software For Mac OS X

Mac is the most preferred operating system for any artist and fashion designing is also an art. If you are into this profession, and own a Mac, then these fashion designing apps for Mac OS X will surely impress you. Fashion Designing is one of those professions, where you would not be considered good until […]

Best Free Apps For Mountain Lion OS X – Part 2

Few days back, I have shared a pretty decent list of best free Mac OS X Mountain Lion apps, labelling it as Part 1. And today, I am continuing the same list. Whether it would be a smartphone or computer, it is powerless without proper applications being plugged into it. If you have recently upgraded […]

Best Free Mac OS X Mountain Lion Apps – Part 1

Since Mac OS X Mountain Lion is out and if you have gotten in its grove, then you must have started to look for some interesting apps to pump some more fuel into this wonder Mac machine. So, if you are in pursuit of some good and free apps for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, […]

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