Free License For Kaspersky AntiVirus 2013 For 1 Year

Who does not life giveaways? And when you happen to your favorite stuff for free, its just pure bliss. Kaspersky is my favorite anti virus program, and just like millions of Internet users, even I do not like paying money for software. If you have been looking for a free and powerful antivirus program, then […]

Free Antivirus For Mountain Lion

When I started using Mac, I had a believe that it does not need an anti virus and I never installed one. But soon, the whole Mac fraternity on the planet was hit by a deadly virus. And that was the day when my believe broke into pieces. Here I am sharing some useful stuff, […]

Win 10 Free Licenses For Bitdefender Total Security 2013 – Giveaway

Who does not like free stuff? Regardless, how many grands you earn each month, giveaways always overwhelm you. We share number of giveaways every month, and here is the giveaway of the month. We have 10 licenses for Bitdefender Total Security 2013 which we plan to giveaway. So before getting into the contest details, we […]

4 Best Free AntiVirus For Ubuntu 12.04

With time passing, I have learned a lesson that antivirus is a must have program for every computer regardless the operating system it is working on. We have already shared number of posts on free antivirus programs for Windows, Mac, Android and now this post is about protecting Ubuntu 12.04 from virus, spam, malware, trojan […]

5 Free Antivirus For Mac OS Lion And Mac OS X

Antivirus is a must have program for every computer or laptop. Gone are the days when people believed in the myth that antivirus program is not required for Unix based operating systems. But as mentioned, it is nothing else but a myth. In this post, I would listing out the best free antivirus programs for […]

Free 90 Days License Key Bullguard Internet Security 12

Bullguard Internet Security 12 is not as popular as McAfee, Kaspersky, BitDefender or Norton anti virus programs but offers quite a good protection from virus, malware, spyware, hackers and other online threats. Despite of it being not as popular as other anti virus programs, many awards have been awarded to Bullguard Internet Security 12 for […]

Free License Key McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 – Free Download

Its a start of new year and the upgraded versions of all the anti virus are hitting the market. We have recently shared the way to avail free license key for Kasperky Internet Security 2012. And here, we would sharing one more giveaway, free license key for McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012. McAfee is one of […]

Free 1 Year License Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Kaspersky has been developing the best anti virus products since quite a number of years. I have been using Kaspersky products, and I have surely turned into a big Kaspersky fan (yes, I say this in every Kaspersky post). This is not a Kaspersky giveaway as it is hard to find them these days. This […]

Free Download Norton AntiVirus 2012 For Mac 6 Months

I love giveaway posts as there is nothing better on this planet than free stuff. So here is a giveaway which lets you download Norton AntiVirus 2012 for Mac with 6 months of license key. This giveaway is led by Facebook which lets you avail ┬áNAV 2012 for Mac Free for 6 months. In this […]

Free Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 License Key

Here is a giveaway for free Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 license key. But this tool is only meant for UK users. Yes, there are ways to get it done if you are living outside UK, that is by using any good proxy. So, i leave this job to you. Once you find a good proxy […]

4 Best Free Cloud Antivirus

Firstly, why Cloud Antivirus when you haven conventional anti virus programs. Well, if I have two choose between free cloud based antivirus and free conventional anti virus program, then I would prefer to go with the former one because the cloud ensures latest virus definitions which promises better protection. So, here are the 4 best […]

Free 1 Year Full Version License Key / Activation Code Panda Cloud Pro

As a promotional offer, CNET is offering free 1 year license key / activation code of Panda Cloud Pro Antivirus for free download. All you need to do is provide your e-mail address and you will receive the free license code on your mail. Panda Cloud Pro Antivirus has been a successful anti virus program […]

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