Formatting Memory Cards even as a Restricted User

It is not possible to format memory cards if you have an account with restricted rights. This is irritating, since you do not always want to work on the system as administrator due to security reasons. You can activate the formatting function for restricted user accounts in both Windows XP versions – Home and Professional, […]

How to Deep Format a S60 or Symbian Phone

The Symbian OS in its series 60 is called as S60, It is a popular powering major smart phones all over the world. This post explains how to deep format your S60 Mobile Phones. Sometimes your S60 phone may boot up to the Nokia screen and nothing else. This little tip is also useful when […]

Find Details about Unknown File Extensions

At times, downloading, installing and uninstalling several programs could lead you to a confusing and dangerous situation. When you’re on a hard drive cleaning spree, you might be wary of deleting an important OS file instead of a junk one. Using Task Manager also doesn’t serve the purpose. So what do you do when you […]

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