How To Schedule Emails On Gmail

Not everybody prefers to use Outlook on their computer, and this surely compels you to comprise with so many features. One of those features is scheduling emails. I have always wished Gmail to have this feature, but officially it never came out. But now, using any of the below mentioned Firefox addons or Chrome extensions […]

How To Disable Autoplay On YouTube

I have come across this trick the day I was fed up by this YouTube feature of autoplay. Whenever you open a video on YouTube, it automatically starts playing it. This is a surely a nice feature, but when you open multiple YouTube videos in parallel tabs, this feature would annoy you big time. So, […]

3 Best Ways To Backup Facebook Photos And Data

Nothing is permanent in this cyber age. And Facebook is nothing different from any of these perishable things we have been talking about. So imagine you wake up one day and find that Facebook has been discontinued, then what about all your photos, videos and other Facebook data. Yes, we are talking about easy ways […]

How To Hide Facebook Questions

Facebook Questions is the one of the latest features on Facebook. Now, this is a powerful feature for many of the Facebook users. But if you are one of those users, who do not want questions to be displayed on the wall, then you have the option to disable / hide Facebook questions. Disable / […]

5 Must Have Addons For Firefox 4

Final release version of Firefox 4 is at the corner and this version of Mozilla web browser would be more powerful, faster and better. It is a known fact that if you have good Firefox addons installed, then you can make of best of this web browser. So, we have complied a list of 5 must […]

Find in Tabs – Search Multiple Open Tabs in Firefox Simultaneously

You have compiled several interesting sites in different tabs when researching. Searching through all of them individually for a particular thing takes really long. In an active tab, it is sufficient to enter a search term. A comprehensive search for several tabs is however, not something Firefox offers. The free ‘Find in Tabs’ extension acts […]

View , Edit Session / Saved Cookies in Firefox – Add N Edit Cookies

On one hand, cookies enable useful features on websites, and on the other, they can pose threat to security. It is difficult to turn cookies off because some sites do not work properly if you disallow cookies. With the firefox  add-on called Add N Edit cookies, you can find out and edit information which is […]

Searchbar Autosizer – Expand / Increase Search Field size of Firefox Toolbar Dynamically

The size of the integrated search field of the Firefox browser is not enough when you are searching for longer keywords. You can easily increase the size of the search bar by customizing the toolbar but this consumes a lot of space in your toolbar. It is clever to increase the field size dynamically only […]

3 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons For Facebook

Facebook and Mozilla Firefox are among the most popular elements used on Internet. Here is a list of 3 best Mozilla Firefox extensions for Facebook which will enhance your social networking experience. These addons are especially meant to make your Facebooking better and easier. Check out our articles on Firefox Addons like 25 Best and […]

Site Launcher – Open Favorite Websites Instantly Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You open frequently visited websites using the bookmarks toolbar or menu. You want to know whether you can open websites using a quick keyboard shortcut.  You can open websites faster by using the bookmark toolbar. However, no browser offers the option for directly calling up websites using a hotkey ( keyboard shortcut ). Site Launcher, […]

Speed Dial for Firefox – Access Frequently Used Websites Easily

Unlike Google Chrome and Opera, Firefox doesn’t have a speed dial option which holds frequently accessed websites on the home page, so that you can open them easily instead of typing the whole url every time. With the various addons available, you can get a Speed Dial for Firefox too. Check out other articles about […]

Snipshot – Free Online Image Editor – Edit Pictures from WebPages

Snipshot is a free application to edit your images online. It is used to do small corrections in pictures like  Resize, Crop, Rotate, Enhancement with an option to undo the changes.  This free online image editor comes as a browser addon or a simple bookmarklet code. It will be used to edit images from any […]

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