How To Stop / Prevent Facebook Hacking

Facebook has become the most used social networking or any web service on the planet. Figures show that people use Facebook more than Google.  So for hackers, hacking Facebook accounts successfully is like a treat. So here is a way to stop / prevent Facebook hacking and use secure Facebook. Have you ever heard of […]

Import Facebook Birthdays And Events To Google Calander And Outlook

Facebook has become more than just an ordinary Social Networking for its users. People find it a great means to remember their friends’ and relatives’ birthdays and events that they were looking for. But how could you get them on your calander. Here is a web app FBCal, which lets you import / transfer Facebook […]

Valentines Day Gifts And Greetings on Facebook

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account in this era? Now, you can use Facebook as a means to express your feelings to your special one. Yes, we are talking about Valentines Day gifts and greetings on Facebook to surprise your Boy friend / Girl friend. Just try to visualize the scene, that your loved logs into […]

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys For Windows

Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. We spend so much time on Facebook sharing our thoughts, meetings old and new friends, sharing pictures and videos. Here are some Facebook Keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys, which would only help your Facebook activities. If you’re living some time browsing through Facebook then these keyboard shortcuts […]

Facebook Photo Zoom – Zoom In Photos On Facebook

What would you do if you need to zoom photos on Facebook? Save the photo from Facebook to computer, which I actually want to zoom. Then use any third party tool to zoom in. This is what I used to do. Here is an amazing Google Chrome extensions which lets you zoom in photos on […]

Facebook Colour Changer-Change Facebook Colour

Facebook Colour Changer is an incredible GreaseMoneky script for all those Firefox users who want to change Facebook colour on their profile. This is basically a Firefox addon which lets you change colours on your Facebook theme, just like changing Facebook theme. In order to install Facebook Colour Changer, you need to have Mozilla Firefox […]

How To Get Old Facebook Profile Page Back

Here is the step by step guide to get old Facebook profile page back. It is not necessary that new things are always meant to be loved, so if in case you did not like the new Facebook profile page, you can switch to the old Facebook profile page. In order to switch back, all […]

Gogostat – Monitor / Check Your Kids On Facebook

Gogostat is a free web application which lets you monitor / check your kids on Facebook. Using this parental control web service, you can track / monitor your child’s activities on Facebook.  These days, Everybody wants to use  Facebook  regardless their age, profession or any other parameter. So, Its better to keep a check on […]

3 Best Ways To Sync Your Facebook Account With Twitter | How To |

As an avid Facebook and Twitter user, I always wondered about ways to sync your Facebook account with your Twitter account. Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful social networking services. Here are the three best ways to sync your Facebook account with your Twitter account which actually posts your tweets directly to your Facebook […]

How To Sync / Import Your Facebook Friends Contacts With iPhone Contacts

We have seen amazing development with iPhone apps, and here is the latest one as it lets you sync / import your Facebook friends contacts with iPhone contacts with so much of ease. The latest official Facebook app for iPhone automatically lets you sync / import your Facebook friends contacts with / to iPhone contacts. […]

How To Get Invites For Facebook Email / Social Messaging

Yes, you got it right. Facebook is now offering its email service to its users and everybody around is wondering how to get invites for Facebook Email IDs / social messaging. It has not been long back that Facebook changed the way people chat and share on Internet. Now, it’s the Facebook email service’s turn. […]

Create Twitter / Facebook Polls Easily with Poll Pigeon

Polls are the best way to know what people think of a particular topic. On Twitter and Facebook, polls are often conducted to get the verdict of people on a question or topic in discussion. Poll Pigeon is a new free service which works as an online poll creator.  Using this, you can create fun […]

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