How To Identify And Remove Spam Videos From Facebook

Facebook has been hit by all sorts of spam lately and spam YouTube videos are one of those unwanted stuff on your Facebook wall. Now how to identify and remove spam videos from Facebook wall? But how exactly is it spreading. Suppose that one of your friends click on any of those spam videos, the […]

How To View All Your Facebook LIKES

Facebook has become one of those phenomenon that every one affected by. And people have so much to find on Facebook. So, if you looking to find and view all your Facebook LIKES, then we have got a smooth and quick solution. LikeJournal is a free web service which uses your Facebook credentials to login […]

Best Facebook Smileys / Emoticons

Using smileys / emoticons on Facebook is not that difficult. These things have been so common on chat services, but now users have started using them on Facebook too. If have already shared number of smileys that could be used on Google Talk. If you are looking for such smiley to be used on Facebook, then here […]

How To Stay Invisible On Facebook Chat To Single User

No wonder Facebook chat is a hot property on Internet. Facebook made sure that people stick to for all sorts of needs when it comes to interacting people. Now you must have looked for ways to stay invisible on Facebook Chat, so here is some help. We would be sharing a Facebook trick which would let you stay invisible […]

How To Enable Video Chat On Facebook

Yes, now you can enable video chat on Facebook. It all started with a normal social networking website and with time, it has changed the way people interact on Internet. Today, Facebook is more than a place where people stay in touch with their friends. Everyone is aware of the Facebook chat and appreciate the […]

3 Best Ways For Random Video Chat With Strangers On Facebook

If you believe making new friends on Facebook is easy, then here is some icing on the cake. There are number of Facebook apps which would offer random video chat with strangers. After the success of these chat services, more and more developers are making use of this idea. Since Facebook is THE place to […]

How To Login Multiple Facebook Accounts Simultaneously

If you have more than one Facebook account, you might have tried lo login into them at same time. Yes, I am talking about way to login multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser, you can easily do it. Login Multiple Facebook Accounts On Firefox STEP 1: Right […]

How To Disable Facebook Game Notifications And Game Requests

One of things on Facebook which annoy me the most are the Facebook game notifications and game requests. But I have found a way to avoid them. If you too are looking for an easy way to turn-off / disable Facebook game notifications and game requests, then this post would be of some help to […]

How To Post Audio On Facebook And Twitter

We say, Sharing Is Caring. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, sharing have become so much fun on Internet. But do you know the way to post audio on Facebook and Twitter? If you find a song on Internet, sharing it is an easy task as every site offers users with Share button. […]

How To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook

Yes, this is the name of the web app, ‘Who Deleted Me On Facebook?’ And as the name indicates, this web app lets you find who has unfriended you on Facebook. Using this app is no big deal. All you need to do is get your self registered to their service and sync your Facebook […]

How To Disable New Facebook Photo Album Viewer

Facebook has its latest addition to its service, which is the new photo album viewer. But personally, I did not like this new feature. If you are one those Facebook users, who did not like it and wish to disable new Facebook photo album viewer, there are two simple ways to do that. Method 1 […]

How To Change Facebook URL

If you have a Facebook account, then you would have a Facebook URL which is unique and directs to your profile page. I have seen people, who have created their Facebook account just in fun and now they are using it 24 x 7. For those people, here is the way to change Facebook URL […]

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