Remove Facebook Ticker With Real Time Friends Activity

Facebook is undoubtedly the best social network on the Internet world. Although a new social network hits the web world each day, the popularity of Facebook is not going down at all. The fact that Facebook keeps on introducing new features each day is one of the biggest reason why Facebook is still at the […]

6 Best Facebook Security Tips – Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has become more than a social network. It has become an important part of the lives of the people of this cyber age. Although this is best social networking service on the planet, there are number of privacy constraints that one need to face while using this service. You can know more about the […]

How To Change Facebook Layout

Human brain functions in such a way that you tend to lose interest from any particular thing once you start using it more and more. If you got bored of the Blue and White layout of Facebook, then here is way to change Facebook layout. Before you go ahead with this, I want to bring […]

Use Twitter And Facebook On Google Plus

Twitter and Facebook have been the most popular social networks in the recent years. And Google Plus hit the 20 million users mark in just 3 weeks, which is super impressive. Obviously Google Plus offers some features which no other social network does, and these features could take the social networking to a next level. […]

How To Import Facebook Contacts, Photos, Videos To Google Plus

I would be totally wrong if I call Google Plus a new kid in the block of Social Networks as it is getting viral slowly. Slowly but steadily, people have started using it and loving this new Google product. It already got millions of users and if you are one of them, then here is […]

InstaFB – Import Pictures From Instagram To Facebook

This web service, InstaFB is meant for such people who love using Instagram and Facebook. So what purpose does InstaFB serve to you? Well, this free web service lets you import pictures from Instagram to Facebook with so much of ease. All you need to do is register to service your sync your Facebook and […]

Best Ways To Switch To Old Facebook Chat

If you believe that the new Facebook chat is sucks, then I second that. There are many reasons why one would like to switch to old Facebook chat. New Facebook chat displays you with both the friends who are online as well as offline, which is completely pointless. Apart from that, most of us did […]

How To Share Spotify Playlists On Facebook

Yes, the present world is bitten and smitten by Facebook. People have started sharing so much of stuff on Facebook, then why not tell the world you are listening to. Yes, if you want to share Spotify playlists on Facebook, then you can do that without any third party tool. Because of the Facebook effect, […]

Best Ways To Chat With Strangers On Facebook

Facebook has now become more than a HUGE social network. If you want you can make use of Facebook as a random chat service. Yes, you can get to chat with strangers on Facebook. Actually, there are number of Facebook applications available which would let you do some random chat with random people on Facebook. […]

How To Find People On Facebook

Facebook is the biggest breakthrough on Internet world. And not having a Facebook account is nothing less than a serious sin. In this cyber age, almost everybody has a mail ID and soon everybody would be having a Facebook account for sure. Yes, that time is not very fare. So if you want to find […]

3 Best Alternatives To Facebook For Kids

Facebook is not just a social networking website, it has grown into a phenomena. And not having a Facebook account is not less than a felony. Every one of us understand the security and online safety issues linked with Facebook. So, this makes is completely unsafe for kids. So, we have come up with best […]

How To Hide Facebook Questions

Facebook Questions is the one of the latest features on Facebook. Now, this is a powerful feature for many of the Facebook users. But if you are one of those users, who do not want questions to be displayed on the wall, then you have the option to disable / hide Facebook questions. Disable / […]

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