3 Ways To Disable Seen At Time On Facebook Messages

Yes, WhatsApp and Facebook are my two most favorite means to keep in touch with my buddies, but there is one thing in common between these services which I hate, and probably all of the users hate. And the feature which I have been talking about is that it lets the other person (recipient ) […]

How To Turn Off Your Facebook Likes

It is completely an individual’s preference if he wants to show people his or her Facebook likes. If you are not fine with it, then this post would be useful for you. And if you are fine with it, you can still read this post as information never goes to waste. So you need not […]

How To Stay Invisible On Facebook Chat To Single User

No wonder Facebook chat is a hot property on Internet. Facebook made sure that people stick to for all sorts of needs when it comes to interacting people. Now you must have looked for ways to stay invisible on Facebook Chat, so here is some help. We would be sharing a Facebook trick which would let you stay invisible […]

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