Best Ways To Send Self Destructing Email

You might have thought about it but would have let it drift from your mind because it sounds very silly. How can an email get deleted itself? Life is not a movie based on some super hacker, but you can surely send self destructing email. Yes, there are number of services in the market which would […]

How To Create Email Group On Gmail

There is no doubt about the fact that Gmail is the most popular email service on the planet. And personally, I have been a huge Gmail fan since the day it was actually introduced. Now, it is always benefecial to create email groups. Instead of typing each and every email address of your friends, family, […]

How to Determine Safe Senders List for Junk Filters Automatically in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, the Junk email filter protects the inbox from undesired messages or mails. To improve its efficiency, You can maintain a ‘Safe senders’ list so that messages from colleagues, friends and acquaintances do not wrongly end up in trash. This helps you to diversify the mails easily and the MS-Outlook  settings can be […]

How to Make Yahoo Mail your Default Email Service

It is easy to make Yahoo! Mail into your default email site on your machine. All your automatically generated outgoing mails will be sent using Yahoo! Mail. To do this, you need Yahoo! Messenger and Internet Explorer. You can send all your emails from yahoo Mails easily and this can save you the effort of […]

WatchDox – Send Email Attachments Securely – Control, Track & Protect Documents

WatchDox is an amazing email service which lets you send emails with text document attachments in a safe and secure manner. It will allow you to control and track your attachments and check who views them and can even protect documents from being copied or printed and can even prevent them from being forwarded. This […]

Insert / Send Images in Gmail Directly – Not as Attachments [ How to ]

Do you want to insert and send your images through Gmail directly but don’t want to send them as attachments? This article explains how to insert images or pictures into Gmail without sending them as attachments. You can send images in the body of your e-mail alongside your text. Although Gmail lacks an ‘Insert image’ […]

Upload Photos in Picasa Web Albums by E-mail

Picasa Web Albums are used to store your photos online. If you want to upload pics ,you have to either install Picasa or should visit your Picasa Web Album account. If you don’t want to do either of them you can easily upload photos to your Picasa Web Albums by Email i.e., send your photos […]

Create A Context Menu Item To E-Mail An IE Page

How would you e-mail a page in Internet Explorer by right-clicking on it? If you get this in your mind, here is the solution to it. Using this method you can send pages from Internet Explorer. It involves a simple registry hack with a small tweak. It is as follows.. 1. Start the Registry Editor: […]

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