QuiteThyme – Upload Books And Access From Any Device

How many times have you come across the situation when you wish to have a particular ebook of yours on your friend’s device or computer? I guess, the number would be high. Here is a solution for such situations. QuiteThyme is a free web service (yes, it offers many paid versions also), but its free […]

How To Lend Books On Kindle For Free

Let me be honest. When I first heard of this feature, I was shocked to the core as I was not able to understand the concept at all. I mean, if one could lend books on Kindle, then what about its online market of books? But when I dig it deep and read the details, […]

How To Convert PDF Files To ePub Format

Apple has come out with iBooks app which basically lets you read eBooks on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. So, it is quite clear that if you want to read PDF eBooks on any of the iOS device, you need convert these PDF files to ePub format. Yes, you got that right! ePub is […]

Calibre – Free Ebook Manager And Ebook Converter

Here is a free eBook software, Calibre. Calibre is a free eBook Manager and eBook converter. This one free software will only do good if you have lot of eBooks. If you have a large collection of eBooks on your computer and want to see it and have it rated well now you can do […]

7 Best Web Sites To Download Free eBooks Legally

With number of eBooks readers in the market, eBooks are popular more than ever. And if you are looking for best web sites to download free eBooks legally, then we have a good list for you. These free eBooks or digital books can be read on desktops, laptops or any e-book readers. Now, all the […]

MegaPDF – Find and Download PDF Ebooks For Free

MegaPDF is a web site which lets you search, find and download PDF ebooks for free. This web site is very useful to all those who are looking for free Ebooks in PDF format. The site offers you with a huge number of free ebooks and the count goes to some 379 million. Using this […]

Zinepal – Create Printable PDF eBooks – Kindle / Mobipocket / ePub versions of Online Content

Zinepal is a web service which lets you create PDF format eBooks or magazines from online content. You can create printable documents which can be downloaded for free. The content can be from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds and other websites. You can make Amazon Kindle, Mobi pocket and ePub versions of your online content. These converted […]

Read Books On The Web for Free using Book Glutton

Here is a free resource which lets you read books on the web for Free. It is called as Book Glutton. Using this you can not only read books online but also can digitally annotate books and interact with other readers in real-time. There is even an option to chat with users on different chapters, […]

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