How to Block / Restrict Browser’s Toolbar against Undesired Changes

On every browser, toolbar is one of the easiest ways to navigate through menu items or bookmarks. By default, they will be enabled and it can be changed or disabled with a simple menu command. On a shared computer,you can prevent or restrict other users from being able to change the appearance of the browser. […]

Zoodles – Safe Browser for Kids – Online Parental Control Service

Zoodles is a safe and secure way for your kids to browse online content. It is an Adobe’s AIR platform supported free browser that can give kids a safe place to play and learn online. It can also be used as an online parental control service as you can restrict and moderate what your kids […]

How to Block Ads in Opera Browser– Remove Advertisements

There are many adblockers for different browsers. Opera don’t have any standard ad blocking application. Here is a simple way to block almost all the advertisements in Opera 10 browser. Using inbuilt feature of Opera 10, you can avoid and remove ads on the websites or blogs you surf. We already discussed a way to […]

4 Excellent Add- Ons For Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer is good , especially if you have the best add-ons enabled. Out of the many addons available for IE , Here are a few nifty ones: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab: This is a common problem for users of IE 7 who savour the Tabbed windows. Clicking on the X and all your […]

Google CHROME vs Mozilla Firefox – Which one is the Best Browser

Google CHROME, a webkit based Internet browser has been released. With all the hype that is created around it , many people have already tried and blogged about their first impressions. But did the CHROME lived upto its expectations? Can it give a competition to Firefox which is considered the best browser in business. Here […]

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