How To Remove Ads On Windows Live Messenger 2011

If you like using Windows Live Messenger 2011, then you would surely be hating the fact that you cannot remove / block ads from Windows Live Messenger 2011. Well, you might have heard of A-Patch. It is actually a small program which not removes ads but lets you close them every time you view them […]

How To Block Ads On Youtube

Watching YouTube without ads, doesn’t that sound amazing. Those ads have become a great source of YouTube’s income so we cannot expect them to stop showing ads. But still if you want to block ads on YouTube, we have got a solution. Now, here is a YouTube player which would block YouTube ads and you […]

3 Ways To Make Google Chrome Browser Faster

Technically Google Chrome is the fastest browser on the planet and as a Chrome fan, I too feel the same. But I know huge number of people who like the way Chrome looks like, in terms of interface and all but feel that it is on the slower side We have complied few ways to […]

How To Remove / Block Ads On Windows MSN Live Messenger 9

This is not a MSN Messenger trick. This is infact a free program which lets you remove / disable / block ads on Windows MSN Live Messenger 9, A Patch.   This program, A Patch offers you with over 80 options to block the ads on Windows MSN Live Messenger. And before you actually apply […]

How To Block Ads On Hulu

Hulu is one of the best and most popular online multimedia streaming service. If you are a regular Hulu user, then no doubt you hate the ads on it. So, have you ever wondered ways to remove / block ads on Hulu? So regardless the web browser you use to access Hulu, we have got […]

How to Block Ads in Opera Browser– Remove Advertisements

There are many adblockers for different browsers. Opera don’t have any standard ad blocking application. Here is a simple way to block almost all the advertisements in Opera 10 browser. Using inbuilt feature of Opera 10, you can avoid and remove ads on the websites or blogs you surf. We already discussed a way to […]

How to Display / Show Ad Code only on Homepage of WordPress Blog

You can control ad placements of your wordpress blog by different ways. One of them is showing Ads only on the home page. This can be done in two ways. One by the use of a code and other by using a simple plug-in. By using this you can show or display ads only on […]

Block Ads in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera via AdSweep

Now you can block all those annoying ads on 4 different browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari. Here is a simple add-on called as AdSweep. It hides the advertisements from the web pages you visit. It is basically a java Script which defines CSS rules based on site and blocks all the […]

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