Top 4 Free Alternatives To Audacity

There is no doubt about the fact that Audacity is one of the most advanced audio editors on the planet. And it being an open source program adds so much to its popularity. Although its a great tool to play with music, but sometimes its advanced features makes few people get lost in the tool […]

3 Free Alternatives To Angry Birds For Windows And Mac

Angry Birds is one of the most influential, loved and popular game on the planet earth and there is no doubt about this fact. Yet, if you are looking for some free alternatives to Angry Birds for Windows and Mac, then I have some good news. There have been similar games available even before Angry […]

3 Best Alternatives To Google Code Search

This is a very unfortunate news for all of the coders around the globe that Google is all set to shutdown its Google Labs : Code Search on January 15, 2012. Below is the message from Google, Hi Folks, We’re quite sorry about the impending shutdown as well, but it’s a done deal, unfortunately. You […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To MS Paint For Mac

There are number of things on Mac which thrill you. Once you start using Mac, you definitely feel powerful but there are things which would miss for sure. One of those things is MS Paint. You have been using Windows since your early days, and when you switch to Mac, absence of Paint would hurt […]

3 Best Free Online PowerPoint Alternatives

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular tool to create slides and presentation. But have you ever been into a situation when you do not have MS PowerPoint installed on the computer but you need to create some presentations. What would you do in such case? Look for installable of PowerPoint so that you can get […]

5 Best Alternatives To PayPal

PayPal has been an amazing medium to handle funds online. Whether it would be buying online, selling goods or service online, or any other money transaction ways, PayPal was there to serve you. Since past few months, PayPal has been a serious pain especially in Asian countries. Few months back they have actually terminated their […]

Best Quicktime Alternatives For Mac

Quicktime Player is one of the most popular media players on Mac OS. Many of the Mac users agree to the fact that Quicktime is an excellent media player. And in its latest version, it has incorporated elements of the pro version which include ability to record your own audio display and easily. But there […]

Best Free Alternatives To Spotify

Spotify is a free online music streaming service which is available in some countries only which include, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, France and Spain.  Check out, How to use Spotify  in every country without invite code. If you are from any other country, you would be looking for some good Spotify alternatives. We have compiled […]

7 Best Alternatives To Chatroulette

ChatRoulette is a Russian web service which lets random strangers meet on their chat platform and lets them have web cam conversations. And here are the 7 best alternatives to ChatRoulette which are very much similar to this online chat service where people can have web cam conversations in addition to audio and text chatting. […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To Camtasia | Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software |

Camtasia by Techsmith, which is undoubtedly one of the best screen recording software on Internet. And if you are looking for free alternatives to Camtasia, then we have a 5 such screen recording software which are free and very good with their functionality. Regardless the reasons to have free screen recording software on your computer, […]

7 Best Free Altervatives To LimeWire

LimeWire lost its long court battle against RIAA, and as the result New York District Court ordered LimeWire to shutdown its services permanently. Since, LimeWire has become lifeline of most of the Internet users, and its termination would surely hurt. Before its too late, we should start using its alternatives so that we do not […]

7 Best Alternatives For Skype | Top VoIP Clients|

Skype has surely revolutionized the way people interact on Internet. Regardless your reason for looking for a Skype alternative, we list out the 7 best alternatives for Skype messengers. There are number of VoIP services available on Internet, both free and paid versions. And out of them, Skype stood out as the champion. Using this VoIP […]

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