Monitor & Manage Downloads in Firefox with Download Statusbar

When you start downloading a file in Firefox, a dialog box appears on your screen. This dialog box shows you the progress of the file download. It can accommodate more than one download and completed downloads can be cleared off. However, this causes additional system resources to be used up (since another Firefox window needs […]

LikeOffice Excel Utility – Feature Rich Addon to Simplify your Work

LikeOffice Excel Utility is an Excel Addon which simplifies your work. It has got many features which will lets you do complicated tasks easily. Once installed it creates a new LikeOffice item to the menu in Excel 2003 or a new LikeOffice tab is added to the ribbon in Excel 2007. The features in the […]

Messenger Plus! Live – Customize Windows Live Messenger – Get Extra Features

For all the Windows Live Messenger users, Here is an Add-on called Messenger Plus! Live which adds a lot of features to your IM client. These features are very much useful to customize your messenger and you can get all these functionalities for free. This Live messenger extension lets you do a lot with your […]

Fox Tab – Firefox Browser Tabs in 3D Thumbnail View Layout

Fox Tab is a Firefox add-on which will create a 3D thumbnail view layout of your opened tabs. Using this you can easily browse between opened tabs. It displays all the opened and running windows into a beautiful layout which includes the thumbnail view of those windows. It is one of the best ways to […]

Migrate / Transfer Website Images To Image Hosting Websites with Transloader

Transloader is a cool Firefox add-on which will let you transfer the website images you want to Image Hosting websites like Imageshack, Phyrefile. This could be helpful to create backup or mirror copies of selected website’s images but also to display the images that were uploaded to image hosting websites on other websites to prevent […]

Get Vista’s Productivity Features In XP with Simple Add-Ons.

If you don’t want to move to Vista, and still have an urge to try some of its features, you can do it in the form of standalone add-on programs for Windows XP that can give you close to the entire Vista experience. Vista is an eye candy provided your computer got the resources. Without […]

2 Best Ways to use GreaseMonkey Scripts on Google Chrome

Greasemonkey is one of the important and useful add-on of Firefox which enhances internet experience. Chrome users are missing it. But not for long, here is the way to install Grease monkey script on Google Chrome. This can be used to run JavaScripts in Chrome. The procedure is as follows :   1. Through Greasemetal […]

4 Excellent Add- Ons For Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer is good , especially if you have the best add-ons enabled. Out of the many addons available for IE , Here are a few nifty ones: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab: This is a common problem for users of IE 7 who savour the Tabbed windows. Clicking on the X and all your […]

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