Split Large Files into Smaller Zip Files with Akhir Split Zip

Now a days people are very much dependent on downloading and transferring information. The different types of files can be sent through various means like different file sharing sites. This sending and transferring large files is not easy and it is very annoying when your upload or download breaks due to your Internet connection. We can even transfer large files using email accounts, but it may have a restriction on the maximum upload and transfer size. So The best option is to split or divide large files into a set or group of smaller files. .

Here is a freeware called Akhir Split Zip which splits large files into small zip files with a specific size.  There are many similar software like GSplit, File Splitter, HJSplit, JonesSoft File Splitter, RapidSplit. In this each zip file can be extracted and this will serve great if you do a lot of uploading and transferring of files. Using this small application you can upload files to remote servers but it works only if php.zip is enabled in that server.

split large files to smaller zip files - akhir split zip

Download Akhir Split Zip to split large files into smaller zip files.

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April 26, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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