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qvPDF is a free Adobe Acrobat alternative using which you can create PDF files from all your printable documents easily. This PDF creation tool installs a virtual printer on your system. To create your own PDF, Just choose the virtual printer in the printing-menu, enter a name and choose where you want to save the final PDF-file.

This virtual PDF printer includes a complete list of settings and plug-ins, which has almost all existing features included in Adobe Acrobat. It offers a lot of functionalities like adding metadata, applying security measures, executing a file before and/or after conversion, or merging several PDF documents, etc which will allow your to customize every setting of the original document.

qvPDF - create pdf files -  - Adobe Acrobat Alternative

You can define the way the resulting file will display when opened using Adobe Reader; add title, author, and subject information; append other already existing PDF files before and/or after the document to convert; apply a certain level of encryption and a password, and define the different permissions granted to the final user.

qvPDF offers you four different saving options like Desktop, Archive, Folder, and E-Mail. It also includes a long list of plug-ins for FTP upload, sending documents by e-mail, or save them as TIFF images. You can add your own plug-ins, and configure the existing ones according to your own preferences.

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