Panda Anti-Rootkit – Scan, Detect and Remove Rootkits

Panda Anti-Rootkit is a very useful security software. It lets you scan for hidden resources, identifying and disinfecting or removing known and unknown Rootkits, which are nothing but programs designed to hide processes, files or Windows Registry entries. It uses advance Rootkit detection technology to track hacking tracks or to insert threats surreptitiously on compromised computers.

Panda anti rootkit software has a lot of options like, it can analyze hidden drivers, processes, modules, files, registry entries, SDT modifications, EAT hooks, modification to the IDT, non standard INT2E and SYSENTER, IRP hooks. Unlike other anti Rootkit utilities, which merely “reveal” hidden objects, Panda Anti-Rootkit positively identifies known and unknown rootkits and gives the option of removing them, including their associated registry entries, processes and files.


The latest Panda Anti Rootkit comes with features like..

  • Deep analysis of
  • Capable of deactivating unknown rootkits
  • Deletes registry keys transparently
  • Identify and Remove unknown rootkits
  • Cleaner interface

Download Panda Anti Rootkit , It is a very useful rootkit remover software that can detect and delete all the unknown rootkits from your computer keeping your computer safe and secure.

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October 12, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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