Optimize And Tweak The Performance Of Windows 7 & Vista – TweakStar

TweakStar is a free program which is competently easy to use for optimize the performance of Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. This optimization tool offers you to optimize the performance of newly released Windows 7 in a simple and intuitive manner.

Once installed, it will do an analysis of your system and tells you what can be optimized, thereby giving you a proper advice. There are several categories that can be summarized in: Windows / System, File System, Network / Internet, Configuration / Appearance, Security Leaks, Privacy Leaks, Application Tuning, and CPU / Memory / Hardware.


Each category has a link called Customize, on clicking that you can see all the Tweak and tips for that particular category and you can choose one or more tweaks to be applied.

There are different profiles that you can choose which already contain a number of pre-packaged tweaks that you can apply immediately. Following are some: Default, Windows Appearance, IE and Explorer appearance and functionality, Security and Privacy, Speedup and increase free disk space, Enhanced Customization, and Internet / Network.You can also create a backup of the registry of Windows.

Download Tweak Star

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November 1, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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