Notepad++ – A Best Alternative to Notepad like Text Editing Software

Have you ever used Notepad or Wordpad to write HTML or C/C++ code ? If you have done so, you might be aware that it is not so cool. There is no color coding, no syntax highlighting and it is simply very difficult. Commercial text editors are generally used for the coding of programming languages but these are expensive. However, there are free alternatives as well.

One of the best free text editor I would highly recommend is Notepad++. It is an open source C++ based project based on the Scintilla edit component which is another powerful editor component. Though a one man project, Notepad++ is very stable and there are very few bugs. As is common with most open source projects, if bugs are detected, they are reported and fixed very fast, sometimes within hours of the bug’s discovery.

You can download and install Notepad++ from the official site or from You can also download it from other software repositories that may be sharing open source software. The software offers a lot of features as listed..


  • Syntax highlighting and syntax folding
  • Auto Completion
  • Multi Document
  • Multi View
  • Full drag and Drop support
  • Zoom in and Zoom out
  • Multi Language environment support
  • Bookmark
  • Macro recording and playback etc.

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